Line following racers

[Tim] sent in these quick little line following bots (translated). They were sent as participants in cosmobot, but due to an unfortunate dropbox mishap, they didn’t have updated firmware. They placed fifth and ninth place. As you can see in the video above, they are quite speedy. You can get the schematics and code on their project page (translated). They are hoping to make improvements to place better with the same bots next year.

7 thoughts on “Line following racers

  1. I think that video could have been about 5 second long and still conveyed the same amount of detail. more cowbell!

  2. inf*ckincredible. I have always loved those ‘rc’ cars that follow those racetracks. however, these will follow any line. i would buy one car for fifty dollars.

  3. I kept waiting to see the rear one catch up & watch them collide… Where’s the fun if they can’t try to knock each other off course? (hehe)

    Pretty slick set up, regardless.

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