Wii Balance board

[Matt Cutts], head developer for google’s anti spam team, describes how to attach a Wii balance board to a linux computer. He even shows how to make a GUI to show the input. The entire project is done in about 200 lines of python.The process assumes that you can already make a bluetooth connection to a WiiMote, but if you can’t, he’s got instructions for that too.

[via hackawii]


  1. Adam Ziegler says:


  2. Maki says:

    This would be awesome for neverball

  3. andrew says:

    Hmm, this just gave me an idea. I wonder how easy it would be to make the balance board bigger.

  4. dentrado says:

    @maki: +1

  5. Exlud says:

    Trying that trick with my Amiga would undoubtedly lead to a guru meditation error.

  6. Andar_b says:

    Dudes, neverball is hard *enough* with a mouse.

  7. indigolemon says:

    @exlud: it probably would, you’d be a heck of a lot calmer though

  8. David Hagler says:

    Sorry guys, neverball would be cool, but seriously, tux racer all the way ;) (sorry couldn’t help myself) :P

    First person to play through doom with this wins 1000 intarwebs!

  9. uzerzero says:

    if the numbers in the lower right are weight like he says.. i certainly hope thats in kilos and not pounds.

    of course, it could just be pressure as well.

  10. Artur222 says:

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  11. Coongitte says:

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