OTTO, beat slicing interface


Create Digital Music has a great post on [Luca De Rosso]‘s OTTO. Built as part of his masters’ thesis, it’s a unique tangible music interface. You load a sample into the software which displays it on the instrument surface. The user can then manipulate the sample using various hardware inputs while watching the LED representation. The device uses just one Arduino for the display and inputs. It works with Max/MSP and is designed to give the performer only the information they truly need. You can find more pictures of the device on Flickr and a picture of the guts on CDM. Embedded below is the ‘Getting Started’ video that shows it in use.


  1. Steve Shockley says:

    Cool, I haven’t seen a Simon for years.

  2. Adam Ziegler says:

    I highly recommend looking at some of the other youtube videos on this device.

  3. Sshrum says:

    Hmmmm…seems like he just ripped off the DM2 that has been around for like 7 YEARS! ( Implementation is a little different thou.

  4. Chris says:

    Absolutely awesome! Shame there is so little information on the actual hardware and how the sensor interface is connected….

  5. Brett_cgb says:

    I couldn’t hear what the device was producing through the video’s background music.

  6. will d. says:

    “getting started with otto is freakin easy”!

  7. bish says:

    agree with chris, great bit of kit (and more than just a dm2 clone), but it’s a shame luca’s keeping his cards to his chest on the details. want one.

  8. deev says:

    It also looks similar to a hardware implementation of the old Spiralloops soft synth.

    Nonetheless, a very nice instrument.

  9. Peter Kirn says:

    Well, as far as the dm2 goes (very different) or even the spiralloops instrument, obviously, part of the idea is orienting things *in a circle*. I mean, certain things make sense. I think a more reasonable question would be, why do we have so many grids and so few circles to begin with?

  10. wow, crazy possibilities if used with Max MSP!!

  11. jake says:

    i want one

  12. beats says:

    crazy opportunities with this in the live environment. If i did more live work with music I would be picking one of these up for sure!

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