Here’s something every office probably needs. Ours does at least. It’s a WTF counter. When the office gets just a little too weird, someone hits the button and it gets logged. It’s probably pretty easy to judge the day by the WTF chart. The button is connected to an Arduino that updates the status on a local web server. We can imagine a nice bar graph of WTFs per day, or possibly a pie chart with normal time vs WTF time. Unfortunately, imagining is all we’re going to do. They didn’t include any examples of the visualizations. Can you imagine saying something to a co worker just for them to promptly march over and slap the WTF button? Maybe we don’t need one.


  1. zed says:

    will order 10….NOW.

  2. pascal says:

    @zed, yeah, I think that’s the better option. Instead of having one WTF per office, there should be one per desk (best with some kind of warning lamp, to indicate a colleague in WTF-mode, so you better not come near them and ask more stupid questions).
    And you could do nice stats about WTF distribution among people…

  3. amarygma says:

    How bout an “I’m a dumbass” button. I could use one sometimes just to warn people.

  4. M4CGYV3R says:

    Yes, but will it blend?

    (Now Entering WTF Mode)

  5. MasterGunner says:

    Pretty much everybody who knows me would say I need one. Or, rather, I need one for everyone around me. I seem to be the epicenter for many “wtf” moments, something I take as a matter of pride.

  6. Hacksaw says:

    There should be one of these at every desk/seat in congress so instead of voting “nay” you would slap the wtf button to point out the stupidity of whatever you are voting against.

  7. sly says:

    “face-palm” button for those _duh_ moments

  8. Winston says:

    Hmmm, maybe have it also log the network traffic and other information (moon phases, sun spot activity, humidity, etc) you could possibly track what causes most of the WTF alerts.

  9. Winston says:

    maybe after enough info is processed, preemptive WTF warnings could be issued. That would dramatically reduce a paranoids worries and stress triggers.

  10. Winston says:

    OK, maybe my medication needs adjusting again….

  11. R-Gu says:

    This type of device would be better left on the PC (assuming everyone has access to one) That way you have to make a conscience decision to make such a claim.

    Also: I was in jail once (or should I say this one time I was in jail) and they had these buttons around the gen pop for indoor officers to hit in case of emergency. That button got bumped into and hit on accident more often than it’s intended use.
    Since then I was in jail and they now have a cover over it. It can still be used for it’s purpose but you have to make a conscience decision now.

  12. Dennis says:

    yeah but saying “WTF” has no dramatic consequences compared to triggering alarms in a prison.

  13. RobotGuy says:

    Why would a WTF button widget (for example) cause people to think more than a physical button?

    Have you read many internet forums? No one thinks before posting thier comments, and they have to navigate to a page, log in, type their thought, and submit it.

  14. R-Gu says:

    the issue I was addressing is that you would have useless data (in fact the whole Idea is moot) if the thing is getting hit by accident.

  15. cynic says:

    It’s a wtf button, it’s not like it matters if it gets false data.

  16. R-Gu says:

    well I guess it could be attached to the bosses face. this would alleviate a whole lot of trouble with data and extrapolation and yet still manage to get the message across.

  17. Tim says:

    Cool I can put this right next to my “easy” button

    But then I might get them confused, forcing me to hit WTF again for my false WTF

  18. medix says:

    Heh. I considered building a bullshit detector like this about a year back using a microphone, PIC, and a large old analog temp gauge (nearly 10″ wide). Integrate the average sound intensity after being triggered and then sound an alarm / flash lights after a pre-determined time and/or change in volume level/intensity while the meter indicates the ‘depth’ of BS.

  19. DarkFader says:

    wtf does that button do?

  20. rivkinnator says:

    dude where i live that thing would wear out in less than a month and have to be replaced. i live in a boarding school with 27 other kids and so much drama inside it

  21. fluxster says:

    …also wire it to a “aaaaoooooooooogggaaaa” horn or a klaxon…or a Star Trek Computer voice: “warning: brain farts has exceeded maximum tolerance, implosion inevitable, self-destruct in 5 minutes, evacuate to nearest bar!!”…, i need some sleep

  22. Chemlight says:

    Out of curiosity, is it measuring air pressure through a hose? (thats what it looks like) and if so, can it tell the difference between how hard it is hit? Cuase really, that would be some useful data to track.

  23. Jeff says:

    WTF? Atleast it doesn’t Twitter? or Tweet? Or whatever you’re supposed to do on twitter. Twitter is gay…

  24. eatme says:

    are you people really having a serious discusiion on this? get a girlfriend.

  25. Alex Steele says:

    WTF BOOM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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