Smart can crusher

[Mangonha] has put together this interesting project involving aluminium can recycling (translated, sortof). They’re using an arduino to tally up how much aluminium they have accumulated. That information is then passed on and displayed on a google map. There are families that go around collecting the cans as a means of income, and this system could be very helpful to them. They state that their goal is to eventually have restaraunts and more families included. We’re a bit curious about how helpful this really is. How is that information actually changing the actions of the collectors? Would a simple flag on your door or window signalling enough cans to pick up or not be just as effective?

[via the Make flickr pool]


  1. sky says:

    The obvious advantage over a flag on the door is a visual representation of all pickup locations. This way, you wouldn’t waste a drive across town just to check for flagged doors.

  2. Daniel says:

    woah. it takes a good bit of force to crush those things like that.

    (woot woot first!)

  3. Chris_C says:

    probably releases more carbon into the environment than it saves….

  4. sunjester says:

    this would be good on a large scale recycling project, probably not feesible or useful for private citizens.

  5. therian says:

    good idea? helpful for environment? Profit? no they spending 1000X more energy on it ineffectively crushing. bad idea really bad

  6. therian says:

    oh I thought it electromagnetic crusher

  7. Crazy Tree Hugger says:

    Pointless, I wonder how many cans they had to collect to pay for that thing.

  8. Alex says:

    Whatever happened to putting the just-emptied can on the ground and stomping it?

    We even play a little game here at the fire station: The one who’s can’s top and bottom are the most off-center pays the next round :)

  9. Daniel R says:

    isn’t it simpler to just put out it separately from ordinary trash??

  10. Wtf says:

    This is dumb. At least make it automated. The title made me think it would be. This really hasn’t much to do with cans, but rather just a scale that uploads automatically to the internet.

    As for their goal… pft.

  11. daley says:

    ok let me get this straight. we have an arduino that counts button-presses hooked up to a computer that updates an xml file (probably – no, didn’t rtfa). show me what’s special… that’s almost as cool as hooking one’s bathroom scale to their twitter account. yeah exactly – moving on…

  12. calebkraft says:

    Any of our projects could be reduced to utter simplicity. “you mean you’re just passing electrons through resistors, capacitors and diodes? pffft, give me a break”. It’s the result thats notable.

    Though, to be fair, I do question the necessity of this.

  13. the purpose of the google maps here is that it makes for a better reality show.

  14. morsey says:

    great until some 13yo kid thinks its funny to mash the button 50X

    surely an actual weight sensor would be more applicable, it could then be multi purposed to other similar projects but post a different signal.

  15. mikky shaw says:

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