Visual hardware identification guide


Check out this visual hardware guide from deviantART member [Sonic840]. It has everything from memory modules, to bus sockets, to power connectors, to an entire array of CPU sockets that have been used over the years. You’re bound to see something in there you didn’t know existed.

[via Gizmodo]


  1. Handy :)

  2. xGROMx says:

    Wow, so very useful, Looking at the CPU sockets brings back memories of my first 386. So Fast!

  3. Cheng says:

    Cool guide.

    You’re right, there’s a few things listed there that I didn’t know about, like one of the the microdimm’s, 30 pin SIPP memory, NuBus and a couple of the processor card sockets. that’s it.

    uhh.. Damn! I’ve been in this business way too long! Now I feel old.. lol

  4. Demo says:

    Very handy!

  5. collinstheclown says:

    It’s “Berg plug” not “floppy power cable” or “mini-molex”.

  6. Vonskippy says:

    Who doesn’t like a nice hardware porn poster – good job.

  7. Micheal Smith says:

    I’ve been looking for something like this!

  8. therian says:

    shame to those who need this program ;)

  9. BiOzZ says:

    deviant art ftw XP

  10. Life2Death says:

    Though I still love this, the ports are a mess and USB port pictures are out and wild (cant anyone use GIS?) Also pics of their other side would be lovely.

    The slots are a garbled mess of garble. I guess I’ll be off to redo this with pixel art so everything is clean and on the same plane. Bleh.

  11. miked says:

    I’m going to kinkos and getting this made into a giant wall poster hehe…

  12. nick says:

    FINALLY something helpful for everyone.

  13. strider_mt2k says:

    super cool!

  14. _matt says:

    Someone needs to help this man expand this,
    for instance, there’s a few things that should be included, such as:
    memory cards: sd/mmc, ms/pro/produo/duo, cf, etc…

    Also, I know that sata laptop disk drives don’t have a regular sata port.

    there’s also the usb b plug, mini a/b, micro…

    quick, everyone, to!

    Unfortunately, there’s no place for proprietary connectors, there’s too many to count.

  15. PunMaster says:

    Some of the more obscure things it’s missing: eSATA / USB combo port, SCART, BNC ethernet, wake-on-lan, s-video / component combo, various WLAN antenna connectors (TNC, SMA, etc.), slim ATAPI… Some of the not-so-obscure things it’s missing: fan power (and PWM fan power), USB B, mini USB B (and the USB on-the-go variant), mini PCI, mini PCIe, PCMCIA, ExpressCard, cdrom audio, SD card / SDIO… But nice poster anyway… :)

  16. PunMaster says:


    “Also, I know that sata laptop disk drives don’t have a regular sata port.”

    Yes, actually, they do. :)

  17. _matt says:

    well, the one laptop dvd drive I saw that was removable said it was sata, yet I did not recognize the port as either sata or that mini-sata variant.

  18. There really needs to be more guides like this! There are so many things, in all fields, that are a cinch to pick out of a lineup, but nearly impossible to describe in a way that would yield helpful results from a search engine, or in a way that would not make you sound like a total idiot to an expert.

  19. TJHooker says:

    what’s funny is this information is useless to most people considering some dual core and HT based intels are considered obsolete now. of coarse that is a misconception of the common pseudo geek and consumer, and not the software engineers and crackers.

    in any case an early mmx intel is far more intriguing to someone who sees past abstract software interfaces and down into dma and simd.

  20. paul says:

    wow a deviantart that is actually useful!

    very cool but what about BIOS chip types and sockets?

  21. tom61 says:

    I wish it was all to scale, as it’d be a bit handier that way. You could also do a 1:1 print of it then for maximum handiness.

    _matt: are you sure there wasn’t an adapter mounted to the back? It was common for the IDE CD/DVD drives to have a standard 50-pin JAE on them, but have an adapter mounted to the back of them via 2 screws that converted it to whatever the company making the laptop felt was good connector to use in the bay. I’m actually not versed in current cd/dvd connections in laptops, so you could still be right for those, just like IDE cd/dvd laptop IDE drives having JAE-50 conneectors intead of the 44-pin IDC connector that laptop harddisks had. Also, the connector in the picture is is for laptop harddisks (it is a 2.5″ SATA laptop harddisk pictured), not cd/dvd drives.

  22. EndlessWaves says:

    The ‘AT keyboard connector’ was used for both AT and XT keyboards.

    And where is mini-firewire 400?

  23. Bea says:

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  24. Hirudinea says:

    I’m going to make this into some cool wallpaper!

  25. devemman says:

    it’d be really nice to have something like this for all those SMT IC packages/footprints.

  26. fluxster says:

    well….you could use snagit 8 to leech it off the site and use poster 7.7 to expand the print to what size poster you want….just my 2 cents worth

  27. I have a similar poster with all of the different Playstation 1 motherboards and where the modchip solder points are… it’s really high quality and kind of cool looking. It’s been hanging in my office for year even though I’ve never really needed it.

    I’ve considered making a similar poster for other consoles such as the Xbox 1 or PS2… I have access to the hardware, I have a light tent and a nice DSLR, I’m pretty handy with photoshop I just have no idea where I can go to get something like this printed up like your typical poster a reasonable price.

    Anyone know where I can get stuff like this in a nice dead tree format?

  28. razvan784 says:

    “DIPP” Memory (first under Desktop RAM). Piece of crap.

  29. Chris says:

    hey im a t-mobile tier 3 tech and id love to get the full sized image however our internet is filtered. would someone be able to upload this somehwre where it wouldnt be filtered and post it via these comments? thanks in advance from TMOS tech supprt Dept.

  30. smoki_loki says:

    moar geekporn plz

  31. nubie says:

    “You’re bound to see something in there you didn’t know existed.”

    Wanna bet? Of course I keep Scott Mueller’s guide to repairing your PC next to my bed, all 1300 pages of it ;)

    But you are correct, I don’t know a couple of the more obscure sockets.

    I notice there is no picture of LGA 1160, why not?

  32. Frogz says:

    lets spam the poor guy with pics, i already sent fibre channel(a few different interfaces)
    sata(lol he didnt have sata)
    a PROPER aui(his version has no clip)
    and some laptop optical drives

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