Bus Pirate preorder 2 update


A few weeks ago we held a preorder for the Bus Pirate universal serial interface tool. We split the preorder into two parts due to a shortage of PIC 24FJ64GA002-I/SO chips. The first preorder is arriving worldwide now, the second preorder has a longer lead time. Here’s everything we currently know about preorder 2, it’s subject to change, but we wanted to keep you up to date.

Preorder 2 contains orders for 563 Bus Pirates. Seeed Studio noticed an error in our quality control testing routine that misclassified about 50 preorder 1 Bus Pirates as defective. We updated the test and passing units will ship immediately to preorder 2 participants on a first come, first serve basis. Another 500 PICs are scheduled to arrive after August 1, which should take care of most remaining orders.

A special thanks to the fantastic engineers at Microchip who took the time to peruse the Bus Pirate code, and immediately gave the correct solution to our quality control problem. Great job Microchip, thank you!

We released an updated version of the Bus Pirate firmware package. The firmware is exactly the same, we just changed a speed setting in the P24qp.exe quick programmer utility for MS Windows. During development we increased the baud rate of the quick programmer to make development faster, and we forgot to change it back to a safe speed for normal use.


  1. Ian says:

    @marc – There’s been a couple firmware updates already, it’s up to v2.1-RC2 now. Firmware updates are on the project Google Code page. There’s also v3 hardware on the way.

  2. Marc says:

    great news about the firmware support
    V3 hardware? any info on what its specs will be?

  3. tarik says:

    Been checking this thread every day of news of whats happening and the possibility of getting one of these boards.
    Just read: http://dangerousprototypes.com/2009/07/29/bus-pirate-v3-beating-the-shortage/
    @Ian Is there a possibility of writing a SIP PIC/AVR programmer on there with V3?

  4. Ian says:

    @tarik – Sorry, PIC/AVR programmers fall on our ‘not it‘ list. It would be a great feature but it would require monumental, ongoing effort.

  5. djand says:

    Has anyone received their pre-order 2 board yet? Almost 2 months and seeed_studio still has ‘processing’ as my order status.

  6. jpipesup says:

    Check the website that tarik posted, they have the latest info about the bus pirate orders

    here it is again


  7. Justin says:

    I feel like this is a dumb question, but that hasn’t stopped me before!

    Does anyone know if that nice, colorful cable with the microclips comes with the bus pirate? Or is that ordered separately? If so, does anyone have a link?

  8. Ian says:

    It’s DIY. There’s an article here about making one:


  9. confused says:

    am i the only person that can’t communicate with their pirate? is there a forum or something where i can get help with the terminal communication? it seems i can’t type anything in the terminal at all, and i never get a response, just a blinking cursor

  10. Ian says:

    @confused – Hack a Day’s preorder 2 Bus Pirates need to have the latest firmware uploaded via USB. You can download the latest firmware from the Bus Pirate project page on Google Code.

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