Pet-squirting waterwall


Sometimes, pets need to be trained to stay away from certain things. Over at, his cats needed to be kept out of his room. He used their natural fear of water by creating the waterwall, a motion-sensing device that sprays water. The project is incredibly simple and uses very few components. It is based around an IR intrusion detector and a windshield washer pump. Although that worked well enough, he also hooked it up to his computer via the parallel port so that he could take pictures as the cats (or people) are sprayed. Although the project is old, it shows how few components are really needed to achieve this kind of behavior.

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[thanks todd]


  1. Namelesswonder says:

    Cats don’t fear water, They are just lazy. Lions will just go ahead and swim across a river just to get food. But it is a good project, But it probably won’t keep humans away, For one they will atleast find an exploit and get around it.

  2. Dan Fruzzetti says:

    i thought we’d seen this before online here… cat going crazy in a video trying to get on a countertop or something? or was that running the blender…

  3. Bill Hates says:

    I would have used battery acid in there….

  4. Jesse says:


    you mean this:

  5. TJ says:

    Perhaps the human needs to be introduced to some kind of movable barrier… like… a door.

    Although I like the idea of squirting cats don’t get me wrong :-)

  6. J. Peterson says:

    If you like this, also check out blender defender. He has some great clips of cats freaking out.

  7. TMH says:

    The head of the CS Dept at my school was talking about a system that would shoot his sprinkler at animals on his lawn. Not sure if he made it or was working on it. But he sounded like he was.

  8. sunjester says:

    lol let me steal your netcat connection, ill spray your cat in the face!

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