Hack a Day shirts at Defcon


We’ve printed [John Keppel]‘s winning t-shirt design. They’ll be available for purchase in the vendor area at Defcon. If you’re at the con, pick one up because we don’t have any plans yet to distribute them online. We will have a small number of women’s tank tops as well. See you there!


  1. allonby says:

    do want! please do something with these where i could purchase online!

  2. JimXugle says:

    I can’t make it to the Con, but I really want that shirt!

    Just think! I’d be paying to advertise for you!

  3. Colin says:

    You’re charging this year? Nooooooo. Perhaps we can compromise.

    Half price if you show up wearing the old defcon shirt?

  4. @colin, times are tough and we’re doing what we can to stay afloat. Thanks for rocking the old shirt! No, I don’t think we’d give a discount if you showed up wearing a shirt you got for free ;-)

  5. honkerdown says:

    Now those are kick arse!

  6. googfan says:

    gimme gimme gimme!!!

    its an american website. we use ‘ass’ here.

  7. Jonathan Mayer says:

    Please sell online :(

  8. Jason says:

    Ok Thats just not fair, Please sell online!

  9. xrazorwirex says:

    Post the .ai file and we’ll just ‘hack’ our own apparel…

  10. Wolf says:

    Another vote for selling online. It would be profitable, and would provide free advertising, I don’t see what the problem is.

  11. mumon says:

    Time to pick up a bunch and sell them for profit!

  12. jodi says:

    I am unable to go to Defcon and do not have any mnoey at this time and REALLT!!!!!!!!!! do want a shirt.
    Is their any way I can work it off by working on your site or doing something for you so I can get one?
    I am disabled and cannot work.
    I have been following your site for a very long time.
    I will only ask this once.

  13. barry99705 says:

    Sweet! I’ll be picking one of these up!! ;p

  14. quvmoh says:

    Ok wait till after the show and then make the design available on one of the sites that costs you no cash, you have already done the hard work :-)

  15. Dan says:

    I’d definitely buy one online.

  16. nico says:

    absolutely want one!

  17. prozzerg says:

    Any chance you will sell some shirts at HAR2009?

  18. martin says:

    Here’s what youd should do

    1. Sell the shirts on spreadshirt
    2. ????
    3. PROFIT!!

  19. Online sales would be good. I won’t be at defcon, but I want one!

  20. Kerbeh says:

    +1 for interest in buying online.

    Its called the English language, our language our rules.

  21. pod says:

    *+1 for interest in buying online.*

    same for me.
    I have no money to fly from Italy to defcon, but definitely I have enough to buy the t-shirt :)

  22. vlatko says:

    Sell online :(

    this year does not go to sea, because of the recession, but for this shirt I have money.
    Helloo from Bosnia!!!

  23. Dcept says:

    LOL @ all the ppl not going to DefCon. Gotta run… plane leaves shortly.

  24. vikki says:

    ok, i made my own t-shirts for the star trek opening, it’s not that hard. bonus was that 4 of my friends, my 2 daughters, and i got to see the movie for free by giving the manager one too.

  25. triplecode says:

    Please sell them at har2009 !

  26. miked says:

    *signs for online sale*

    Lets get a petition going lol…

  27. rich says:

    +1 for making them available online and for overseas customers!

  28. Colin says:

    @eliot Fine. I’ll still buy one :)

    I like the fact that they aren’t available online… Just another reason to go to defcon.

  29. Taylor says:

    +1 for selling online. i would buy that shit.

  30. Daryl says:

    @eliot: I get that you guys are into hacking, not online t-shirt sales. But if you could find a good t-shirt site to manage selling these for you, that would rock. Money is tight, so no defcon for me this year.

  31. jmhw says:

    +1 for making them available online and for overseas customers!

  32. Chris says:

    if anyone has a copy of the image, there are quite a few DIY screen printing options around (instructables – get it before they go pay for access) – if enough people are willing to pay for the shirt+ shipping, somone could pump out a few hundred in a weekend or two and make some profit off of it…

  33. JeeCee says:

    +1 for making them available online and for overseas customers!

  34. Joe Appleby says:

    1. Set up e-bay account
    2. list t-shirts at reasonable price with international shipping
    3. ????
    4. Profit!

  35. jodi says:

    If I had dome money I would get an ebay account.
    I do not save any money and that is why I was asking if I could work on the site to make up for being able to get one.

  36. irg says:

    +1 for making them available online and for overseas customers!

  37. long says:

    i’d buy one online as well.

  38. Znegl says:

    I want to buy it online too!! ..or just to get the .ai

  39. nave.notnilc says:

    I’d buy it online :(

  40. Dave says:

    Hey i live in New zealand and before that i lived in the uk.

    I have bean fallowing the site since page 2.
    however i am une able to attend defcon ether so it would be grate if i was able to bey a shirt.

    I understand there would be a large cost in producing the shirts for a small number of people but if you are selling them at defcon what stocks you have left would you be able sell them on the site.

  41. john keppel says:

    I actually do have the original image, of course, but it’s Eliot’s choice to make them available. Not to mention, the odd format of my print (off center, on bottom) limits how many printing options you have.

    I’m sure if enough people come looking for it at DEFCON, they’ll take the opportunity to distribute online.

    For now, potentially, think of the DEFCON shirts as the “early adopters” reward.

  42. clockwork says:

    i`d really want to get a shirt but sitting in europe it won`t be possible…
    please make them purchaseable via a webshop :)

  43. op says:

    Well, I could just pick up a few at Defcon since I’m going and put them on ebay for a nice proffit

  44. Zeos says:

    Can’t wait to pick one up! See you guys at DefCon!

  45. premium2g says:

    another vote for online sales over here in australia. cant quite make it over to defcon on the cheap but i can definitely grab the tee.

  46. Spork says:

    Someone from socal pick one up for me.

  47. Yoko says:

    Austria needs t-shirts

  48. jodi says:

    Can I just get a yes or no answer without going though all this other stuff?

  49. Juan says:

    Perú needs t-shirts

  50. NoWayJose says:

    spain needs t-shirts

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