Amazing robot dexterity

Ishikawa Komuro Laboratories are doing some amazing stuff with robots right now. The video above starts out looking like a clumsy and somewhat failed attempt at dribbling a ping pong ball. Once it goes into slow motion however, we see the true action. This robot is dribbling that ball amazingly. Utilizing 1000 FPS cameras, it readjusts and hits the ball on every bounce. As the ball drifts out of the reach of the bot, suddenly we are struck with the lifelike motion.  Personification can be a fleeting thing, appearing so strongly as the little bot tries in vain to reach for that ball, then disappearing again an instant later. If you really want to see some personification worthy of the crab fu challenge, check out their tool manipulation by a multi fingered hand video.

[via BotJunkie]


  1. g3n says:

    nothing else to say.

  2. David says:

    That’s impressive

  3. Roon says:

    Wow, I would love to have the money to work on a project like that…

  4. PodeCoet says:

    I want to hug that ball-bouncing robot.

  5. Very neat. I feel like there is a lot of extraneous motion in the first demo, so I’m curious what kind of system they’re using to guide the motion.

  6. blackwinged says:

    Holy crap, did anyone show this to the Geekologie Writer?

  7. Khordas says:

    I for one welcome our supersonic robot overlords…

  8. Zamadatix says:

    Any faster and i would be worried about the strength of the ball…

  9. nek0 says:

    oh, great. Now the robots are gonna kick human’s ass in a snap when they uprise…

  10. Germ says:

    How much longer until we have Robot basketball? This would be epic

  11. gui says:


  12. Hackius says:




    I wonder what kind of actuators they’re using. That kind of speed seems a bit beyond the usual actuators used in robotics. Maybe they’re using pneumatic ones?

  13. strider_mt2k says:

    So you pen spinners can sit the f down…

  14. googfan says:

    Now all we need is a basketball playing robot.

  15. googfan says:

    oh my comment was already said. damn

  16. sunjester says:

    watch out kobe, a new mvp is in town.

  17. M4CGYV3R says:

    Someone give it one of those paddles with the rubber balls on the elastic cord. That I’d like to see.

  18. jared says:

    someone give it a paddle and a human opponent on the other side of a ping pong table.

  19. colecoman1982 says:

    Once the robots combine this with the ability to run and jump, humans will be crushed in the world of basketball. Then, everyone will be crackin’ wise about our mommas…

  20. Terramoto says:

    OMG, its the begining of the end of the world.

    where did they get the CPU to process all that so fast? track ball position -> move robot, in such short time…
    hooo, i think i just saw a cluster

  21. Techoidz says:

    Wow O.O, that’s unbelievably fast. At this rate were all going to have to become cyborgs to do anything useful.

    Thanks for the video find, pretty insane.

  22. Rad says:

    Don’t worry guys, Will Smith will save us.

    Otherwise, assimilation wouldn’t be to bad if I got hands like that.

  23. Chip says:

    Remember the scene in “Aliens” where Lance Henriksen does that knife trick between Bill Paxon’s fingers?

  24. vikki says:

    take that thing to vegas and find someone trying the 3 card monty. shut him down

  25. cyberpunk64bit says:

    absolutely amazing!!!! need i say more? ya. absolutely f-en amazing! need i say more? ya
    im verry impressed! aw-struck actually!

  26. anonymous says:

    my first thought was “great, we’re all dead.”

  27. I, for one, welcome our new ninja robotic overlords.

    as slashdot readers would say..

  28. pyrhho says:


  29. tapius says:

    WORD, SICK degrees of freedom !! Absolutely amazing, when will they be attached to a bipedal humanoid ? :D

  30. Wwhat says:

    Nobody would watch bball with robots after a week of novelty.
    Also the speed is probably only possible with very light objects, foam balls, the heavier it gets the slower it gets since otherwise the strength needed would grow exponential, and then the drives/actuators would not be able to move so fast, fast yes but not adaptive and at the video’s speed I bet, albeit still faster than humans I think.
    The movies take a lot of liberties with physics.

  31. Josh says:

    This is one step closer to much-needed prostheses for amputees. Kinda like I, Robot. It never ceases to amaze me how there’s always someone just around the bend with something better/faster than what someone just designed.

  32. Adam says:

    Ok, I want to see it catch an egg now…



  33. LIz says:

    Awesome, I can’t wait for my exoskeleton. Also, Robogames can add robot tennis…

  34. Benny M says:

    @M4CGYV3R: OMG YES! Quickly, mail these guys a paddle+ball on elastic with a note attached. Request a video. K thx

  35. Travis says:

    There is a better video (from ICRA 2009 robotics conference) over on —

  36. james burns says:

    The robot is really amazing , i liked this video too much and i forwarded this video to my all friends.

  37. oGWXU1 good game! i liked it too

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