DIY bench vice


A bench vice can be one of the most used tools in your workshop.  For those that don’t have a workshop [Matt] built a vice that clamps to a table. He used scrap wood, MDF, threaded rod, washers, nuts, and wing nuts.  Cheap, easy to build, and very useful!

[via Toolmonger]


  1. amishx64 says:

    If that were my vice, it sure wouldn’t last long.

    Good for holding PCBs I guess though.

  2. Spadefinger says:


  3. zigzagjoe says:

    well, better than nothing, but not really good for much more than simple wood work. Not enough grip/rigidity

  4. roger_that says:

    I require more instruction from and instructable…

  5. JustGrumpyIguess says:

    @amishx64 I guess if you work on your pcb in a vertical position…..

    Seems like adjustments more than half inch or so would be a pita considering the fine thread pitch.

    I would hardly call that an instructable.

    I guess in a pinch….. but i sure would’nt publish it.

  6. Don’t get me wrong I am very cheap, though seems like shelling out $20 for a cheap vice would be much easier and less frustrating in the long run. Especially the first time I turned without looking and smacked my hip into the wood if I was luck and threaded rods if not so lucky.

  7. amishx64 says:


    LOL Vertical PCB soldering? Not exactly.

  8. @amishx64 guess you haven’t taken the advanced soldering class :)

  9. chris says:

    Wow, this takes freetard to a new level of cheapness. Why didn’t you use wood from old pallets or better yet sticks off the ground?
    If you can’t afford a $12 vise I can wait to see how you drill holes!

  10. dumbdumb says:

    why not just hot glue some c clamps to your bench? probably stronger.

  11. dave says:

    Why not make a vise, instead? Aren’t there enough cheap vices for everyone these days, like…booze, or porn?

  12. Adam Ziegler says:

    @dave LOL!

  13. Matt byrne says:

    Wow, some harsh comments indeed !

    @amishx64 I’ve just added some more steps to the Instructable

    RE: all the cracks about cheapness, yes I can go and buy a nice new vice, but this just seemed like a fun little project, and if it didn’t perform well as a vice, I can just take it to bits – simple.

    And to be honest, I’m quite into the design process (albeit very basic in this example), and working out how to build things from scratch.

    Have a good one.

  14. Ben Jackson says:

    A “real” vise like that is too cheap to make a poor clone of. You can have one made of cast iron and a similar design for under $20.

    Making your own tooling is a valuable skill, but you’ve got to recognize where you’ll get the most bang for your buck.

  15. Daniel O.Apata says:

    please send me a write up project on bench vice. thanks

  16. Mike Stimmell says:

    Wow some folks don’t appreciate clever, from scratch design build.. can you really get a $20.oo vise ? Guess I just have not looked in the right place. .thx, I like it…

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