Hard rock radio


[Guus] sent in his project where he put a radio inside of a rock. He started with a 1970’s car stereo and encapsulated it in cement by wrapping it in duct tape, building a wooden form around it, and pouring in the wet cement. Three ports are included on the back for power, antennae, and speaker. He included an outline of how he did this but we’d love to hear some tips on how he made it look like a rock and not just a brick of concrete.


  1. Mike says:

    “but we’d love to hear some tips on how he made it look like a rock and not just a brick of concrete.”

    um, it does look just like a brick of concrete – a badly deteriorated brick of concrete.

    interesting idea. I wonder if the duct tape protected by concrete makes it waterproof enough for long-term outdoor use in an exposed environment.

  2. 3rix says:

    *Agree with above*

    That things cool, I’ve been thinking of making a wooden Xbox.

  3. Stunmonkey says:

    It would have to be pretty waterproof as the concrete would have been giving up large quantities of vapor during/after curing.
    The inside of that thing would have been drenched if there was even a pinhole in the vapor barrier, or around (or through) the connectors/controls.
    This last part is the hardest to work around.

    I would say the odds of any stereo surviving the month or so of serious dripping condensate inside is a toss-up. Old 70’s equipment would likely fare better than 80’s construction techniques, but its still gonna be a crapshoot at best. What have you got to lose though, a 70’s radio?

    Cool idea.

  4. JoeBlo says:

    I dont think he intended for it to be waterproof.

    “but we’d love to hear some tips on how he made it look like a rock and not just a brick of concrete.”—— a hammer. read the link you posted.

    I wonder about over heating issues. concrete is a pretty good insulator.

  5. Twanzio says:

    What’s next? A Heavy Metal radio encapsulated in cadmium?

  6. dgrimal says:

    “but we’d love to hear some tips on how he made it look like a rock and not just a brick of concrete.”

    from the article: “with my ‘Now it doesn’t work anyway’ philosophy, I took a big hammer and created this Flintstones look…”

  7. dgrimal says:

    ok I was late with the submit button – joeblo beat me to it

  8. polymath says:

    I would use osmium instead of cadmium. but in that case it could only be use on concrete floors or really sturdy tables with wide feet.

  9. ketahazure says:

    This is flat-out cool!

  10. Orv says:

    Re stunmonkey: I’d probably leave the radio on the whole time, to keep it warm and hopefully evaporate off the water.

  11. anon says:

    by the looks of it he dropped it a few times

  12. dobo says:

    Awesome, would go well with concrete speakers!

  13. brzap says:

    yo dawg, I herd you like music so I put a radio in your rock so you can rock while you rock

  14. Roman says:

    10,000 years from now they will find this guys radio and some one will get a Ph.D. Lol great work man. Talking about thinking out of the “BOX” :)

    +10 Kudos

    You’ve Leveled-Up.

    New ability gained. “Rock-n-Roller Roar”
    New item gained “Rolled-Up NewsPaper of Discipline +1″

  15. DesignFreak says:

    Um… have you heard of Ron Arad? He did this type of thing in the 80’s…..

  16. axllaruse says:

    The radio of the Flintstones!!! YABA DABA DOOOOOO

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