Fedora rawhide nightly builds


The devs over at the Fedora Project are hard at work on the development version: Rawhide. They’ve just setup automated nightly builds of the liveCD which can easily be downloaded and tested on a CD, DVD, USB drive, virtual machine, or separate partition.

Rawhide will be released as Fedora 12 upon completion.  With this version you have a choice of Gnome 2.28 or KDE 4.3 for your desktop.  There is also improved power management, expanded support for mobile broadband, easy bug reporting, and many more new or improved features. So roll up your sleeves, download last night’s build, and help test some open source software.

[via Download Squad]


  1. PocketBrain says:

    Okay, so why am I stuck on Fedora 10 on my thumb drive? Going to download and try this out.

  2. Anti says:

    Wow; this is by far the most insightful, useful and interesting hack since the beginning of HackADay.

    Please, don’t do it again. If you have nothing to post, then don’t.

  3. bbot says:

    Fedora? The distro whose lead dev used to make spyware for the fbi?

    thanks, but no thanks.

  4. dext3r says:

    @anti: well that was ironic.

  5. anon says:

    so is this meant to replace the disaster that is fedora 11?

  6. VIPER! says:

    This is much less stupid than that one can fridge we saw.

  7. Kris says:

    I liked the one can fridge.

  8. deepangel says:

    and what was wrong with fedora 11? (runs fine for me)

  9. sly says:

    try running FC11 in runmode 3 or on a box with an AGP HD 3xxx vid card… or…

    in runmode 3 (multiuser console) you get message dumps from the network that garble up whatever the hell you’re typing or viewing. It also doesn’t show you the boot-up process in console mode so you can’t check what started and what didn’t without checking all the pids and runs and locks. if it weren’t for the fact that I rarely reboot/modify that system, I would have gone back to FC10 immediately. and there’s also the problem with all the forums I’ve ever visited about the network message dump issue never responding to any posts. it seems nobody cares about those of us who don’t like starting a headless system in graphics mode since it make absolutely no sense at all.

  10. cornelius says:

    i haven’t had any major (<1hr of googling to find solution that actually works) network issues. occassionally (like now) an update will happen and my minimize, maximize, and close buttons (with associate bar) will go missing.

    my biggest issue was digging and waiting ~1 MONTH for solution to get the computer boot after the move from fc10 to fc11 because it would break any computer that uses RAID of scsi. with my digging, i found this same exact problem crops up ever so often AND the developers of fedora knew full well (discussions at bugzilla) that this would happen if they allowed fedora 11 to be release as is.

  11. Joe Schmoe says:

    Did I miss something? Is it time for every Hack a day author to post about his personal favourite Linux distribution? Get over with it…

  12. Farmville says:

    farmville is the best game ever and this is the best blog post!

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