Gameboy foot controller

[Joey] sent us a link to the newest version of his Gameboy foot controller. In the video above, you can see how he uses it to control the loops in the background while he plays his guitar through an 8-bit filter. That is an old video, using the previous version. He tells us that several gameboys were used in the construction. At one point, he had to replace the guts because the music was so loud it knocked his equipment over and destroyed it. We can’t help but feel just a tiny bit of excitement as memories of renting a NES cartridge for the weekend fill our heads when we hear these riffs. His music isn’t too bad either. There is a growing crowd of people that support “chip music”. You can see what looks like a decent sized gathering enjoying a show with a little bit of a history lesson after the break.

[This video, and the original version of the controler were posted about a year ago, good catch commenters]


  1. chicosoft says:


  2. FunkyB says:

    Anyone have any idea what 8-bit filter he is using for that guitar sound?

  3. andrew says:

    hasn’t this been on hackaday before?

  4. Stuart says:
  5. Caleb Kraft says:

    It appears that it has. I didn’t find that on my initial search. I’ll update this to show that he’s sent us pictures of the latest version.

  6. MrX says:

    Awesome music, I love it.

  7. M4CGYV3R says:

    Seriously awesome music. I want the 8-bit guitar filter, whatever it is. Maybe I can build one.

  8. fenwick says:

    Someone needs to find out what sort of effect that is he uses on the guitar.

  9. BigD145 says:

    Bright lights do not equal good music.

  10. Steve says:

    This seems to do the trick.

  11. my name is not john says:

    that pedal he is using is most likely a ‘pulse width modulator’ or ‘pwm’ for short. there are various designs on the net for building your own and also boutique ones you can buy. they’re pretty cool because you can control the pulse width using cv

  12. wdfowty says:

    never would have thought my old gameboy could do this

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