Mozilla Fennec Alpha 3 for Windows Mobile released


Mozilla released the latest alpha version of their new mobile browser Fennec for Windows Mobile. It brings many new features and fixes, such as improved startup time and a caching system to help scrolling on a page. They have also added support for a wider range of screen resolutions, and for those of us running an HTC Touch Pro support for zoom via the directional pad has been included in this release. Being an alpha release, it’s still a bit on the buggy side, but is very a promising browser for mobile phones. The final release should give other browsers a run for their money.


  1. Arkenklo says:

    I’m standing in salute, this is the very first blogpost pro-beta. Words cannot express the epicness of this very moment. May your trips in finalized state across the vast oceans of the intarweb bring happiness and prosperity.

  2. jgrimm says:

    fennec is awsome but does any1 know if they make a version that works on win mobile 2003? i got a samsung i730 and no data cable so i cant upgrade

  3. DarwinSurvivor says:

    Haha, I love how every couple of months they announce that it runs on a new version of Windows. I’ve had this available on my N810 since the day I bought it last year.

    Now if only they could get it to run faster than micro-b…

  4. pantspuppet says:

    You lost me at “windows”

  5. Ben Combee says:

    Alas, we’re not planning on supporting Windows Mobile versions older than 6.0… Fennec really needs at least 128MB of RAM too, and more is better. The i730 just doesn’t have enough oophm, even if it was updated to WM6.

  6. Drone says:

    How is this a hack? Next thing you know hack-a-day will become another “me too” site with every other post being about the iPhone.

  7. M4CGYV3R says:

    Furries + Software Development = Fennec

    Seriously. Why?

  8. Larry says:

    Now, if you at least could show how to hack the software to make it run on Windows Mobil 5.. THEN the article would have relevance.

  9. jgrimm says:

    520 mhz proccessor isnt enough? or is it just the ram? also it can only upgrade to win mobile 5

  10. hifennec says:

    if mozilla -really- wanted to give other wm browsers a run for their money they need to support devices with <128mb ram and it needs to be made really efficient on resources. my wm6.1 pda is pretty small on specs; 195mhz cpu and 64mb ram.

  11. hifennec says:

    (until then i’m sticking with IE6 Mobile or Opera)

  12. jgrimm says:

    ive never used opera mini cause my i730 cant do java but the reg opera mobile is slow loading pages with images and video

  13. theweirdness says:

    you should try skyfire, it runs pretty well on wm5 phones

    I use it on my motoq

  14. jgrimm says:

    i kno i need to get a cable and upgrade to wm5

  15. jake says:

    so far ilike it but it still needs work

  16. How much memory do you need to run this thing anyway?

    Every time I try to start Fennec Winmo alpha 3 on mine is says I don’t have enough memory to run it.

  17. Cram says:

    I’m new to this mozilla family and have to say, NOT IMPRESSED. this apps is a space and memory hog for WM devices. 9mb cab file that uncompresses to a 25mb app. (I smell a windows vista… rev engineering) out of the WM browsers, overall function and use goes to Skyfire, well rounded goes to Opera Mobile and best for just browsing Opera Mini 4 (5 cant import bookmarks)

    Sorry to say, try again mozilla. I uninstalled after 1 use of alpha 3 and trashed cab file.

  18. Tessa Abron says:

    To be fair, the grossly inflated Apple price tag usually does come with nigh-indestructible products. Usually.(look up a Macbook Air teardown some time. I think the listed number was 70 screws holding the keyboard in place. SEVENTY! My keyboard is held in place by ONE!)

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