Mail-E email checker

[Totoro] sent in this cool little email notification device he made. Using a paper model of Wall-E, he added some servos and connected it to his computer using a PIC. Mail-E has independent arm rotation and head rotation. He admits that the PIC processor is major overkill and plans some upgrades such as making it wireless and using a little better suited chip to control it. Not bad for a proof of concept.


  1. monkeyslayer56 says:

    he needs to make something that when u get enw mail it either 1) beats you on the head or 2) picks up the chair and shakes it :) btw nice job

  2. tom101 says:

    This is awesome. Haven’t got much else to say. Good job.

  3. andrew says:

    this is a hack.

  4. bmnh says:

    Why is this even here? Where’s the Arduino?

  5. abbott says:

    eh, Arduino’s are overrated. For one, they are already on their own board… a true hack (such as this one) should use a custom board or mabe breadboard.

  6. bystander says:

    An overkill for a simple mail notifier.But a good job :)

  7. _die says:

    i love it!

  8. Allelvecype says:

    Crows are incredibly smart. They can be taught five things on the drop.

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