Six monitors, one video card

6 displays 1 videocard

With most of us utilizing at least two monitors these days in our day to day operations, six monitors, while an awesome thought, might seem a little too excessive. After all, do we really have space for multiple video cards?

AMD has a new setup in their testing lab that is running six Dell 30inch displays at 7680×3200 through a video card holding six DisplayPort connectors.

Maximum PC has the scoop on the setup, and they say that this single GPU will be coming out on AMD’s DirectX 11 capable chips. Details are slim with the amount of video RAM, speeds and cost not known at present.

Think of the possibilities! Trade shows are one thing, but how about a video wall at home for gaming and movies? How would you use the six monitors shown above? Be sure to leave your ideas in the comments.


  1. samurai says:

    I read a report this morning on yahoo finance that says AMD is on the verge of bankruptcy. Is this really something they need to focus on? Gamers will not use, nor pay for a videocard (and 4 or 5 extra monitors) that does this. Thumbs down.

    Also, NOT A HACK!

  2. captain says:

    mission control. Why should NASA have all the fun?

    There is a similar setup like this in the movie “Gamer”.

  3. John says:

    i would use this in conjunction with a yoke and pedals for extreme flight simulator X action!

  4. um wow!
    when i can afford this mystical card and 5 extra monitors I’m building a wall!

  5. damien says:
  6. Monkeyman8 says:

    I’m gonna be daft and say light show. My LCD gives off insane amounts of light, unbearable when everything else is dark, but it’d work fucking great for a light show. yah would probably look a little janky if they’re all just stacked like that, but would still be fun.

  7. KoldFuzion says:

    It’s the ATI HD Radeon 5870: The Fastest Videocard Ever (PS It’s $380)

  8. srilyk says:

    This one is easy: 6 projectors. Now I can play on a LOT of bulidings!

  9. Steve says:

    How about connecting it to 6 projectors and utilizing a massive wall?

  10. anon says:

    screen 1 porn
    screen 2 porn
    screen 3 porn
    screen 4 porn
    screen 5 webcam to watch for boss/old lady sneaking in on you
    screen 6 shared with all the work your supposed to be doing

  11. Frogz says:

    I only have 1 projector, 1 monitor and 1 video card atm but what’s the advantage of this over 6 pci video cards at $10 a pop, use a old pc purely to multiplex and you can do this for virtually nothing

  12. pogyhauler says:

    Ok, alright, jeeez. enough.

    No, you can’t get seamless if you remove the bezels. the bezels cover the board ends where the matrix connections go.
    Nobody builds an LCD that can be matched pixel contiguous on the edges. Otherwise You’d already see ridiculous composite screens.
    And, yes, maybe somebody, someday, will figure out a multilayer board that’ll let the edge connections migrate behind the PCB. And manufacture to a tolerance that lets all the edges line up to within mask width.
    Someday. not now, and not soon.

    If you’ve never seen a naked LCD screen, You a newbie, and keep your ignorance in the newbie sites. go haunt the clan caves.

    No, you Can’t use any old video card or collection thereof. The whole point to this is one HUGE GPU working out of one HUGE framebuffer. anything else requires off chip transport. If you know how to shove PCIE2 raw bus signal 9 or nine feet, or make a cable with about 30X the fidelity of HDMI, you should call AMD. PCI 66Mhz is painfully slow at these data rates.
    Even Eyefinity/Crossfire, only transfers post processed results. and that’s on a private bus.

    Yes, you could use Projectors instead of monitors.
    But, this graphic shows each monitor running at NATIVE resolution. none of this 720P dithering crap.

    And, projectors die, suck extreme power, heat entire buildings, color matching is witchcraft.
    And if you’ve never tried to match the edges of more than one projection image trying to keystone
    each lens, then just glory in your naivete, and be quiet.

    No, you can’t get an even similar result with multiplexing. Multiplexing just times the signal,
    and blots each pixel bigger. the resulting resolution is no higher than the original framebuffer

    You’d get about the same result as one of those Fresnel lens kits hung on an old 3 gun projector TV.

    There would be all kinds of uses for this kind of native resolution well beyond techno babysitting with WOW. and no, I ain gonna tell you.

    As far as this being Hack-a-day material, the hacks that could be built over this are staggering.

    This site is not here to feed would be tinkering fools. For that check out Makezine and the wonderful things done with foam coolers and cardboard.

    Here, you bring bring your own imagination.

  13. samurai1200 says:

    ^ this guy ftw.

    BUT DONT HATE ON MAKEZINE! There’s a reason for the separation of hackaday/makezine.

  14. mattymatt says:

    I wanted to do this 10 years ago, but I couldn’t find 6 monochrome VGA in the flea market

  15. Mountain sailor says:

    how about combining the projectors and “each wall” ideas and projecting onto the outside of a cube for “virtual reality” or training sims. Combined with a wiimote or other accelerometer/lightgun combo could make for some good police/military trainers.

  16. Tim says:

    six 30″ moniters?!?! i have one 19″ and it is more than big enough for videogames, internet, music, and porn

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