PSP plus second stick, camera, 32 gigs


[JoblessPunk] recently finished his what-a-psp-should-be mod. He’s internalized a camera and added a switch in the body to toggle between using the camera or using the USB port. There’s an additional analog stick, and added charging functionality via the USB port. He’s also packed in an additional 32 GB of flash memory. The device is of course running custom firmware which facilitates the ubiquitous flock of emulators and homebrew apps.

We agree that the original PSP is a pretty powerful handheld that never saw a full realization of its potential.  With the impending release of the next generation PSP Go we hope the price and availability of the older units leads to more mods of this sort. Check out the video after the break.

Here’s a well made video from [JoblessPunk] detailing his work. The first half is propaganda to help find partners for a future commercial venture involving these mods.  The second half shows-off the new features, connectors, control, etc. Try to resist the urge to strangle when you get 25 seconds into the video; it’s all uphill from there.


  1. babble says:

    sigh, shame about the techno.

  2. babble says:

    sigh, shame about the techno and stupid girl.

  3. samurai says:

    shoulda used an arduino.

  4. ArduinoOs says:

    & twitter.

  5. Pilotgeek says:

    I’ve never wanted a chick to spontaneously explode more than in this video.

  6. jan says:

    omfg this chick and the looks she gives the camera are unbelievable…
    the guy semms like an idiot too, but his hack is awesome

  7. “and added charging functionality via the USB port.”

    you mean he updated to one of the hacked firmwares like M33 8-o.

    I’m pretty sure the ability to charge from the usb port has been in there for a while. otherwise…cool psp

  8. aaron says:

    I never understood the business gmail accounts. If I was interested in commercializing a product like this I would hardly e-mail a gmail account.

  9. martinmunk says:

    A touch-screen would’n be a baad idea!
    Would making a fimware whith this be too hard? Generally no, but i dont know the psp firmware/software.

    It would be brillinat for nintendo DS emulation and you would flip the console 90 degrees to use one half of the screen for the DS-stylus :b


  10. Rizzy says:

    She never looked right at the camera for more then two seconds,….

    More importantly this was done rather nicely, and if I had a psp this is what I would do to it. definitely digging the dual “nubs”.

  11. wdfowty says:

    that chick should meet chris brown…(too soon?) lol.

  12. sdubz says:

    wow, i used to go to college with this guy

  13. Tony says:

    Just an attempt by a market-whoring kid with a lisp to sell his stuff to people who don’t know what they’re doing or who to really listen to.

  14. nnx says:

    I would like to charge her usb-port, if you know what I mean.


  15. fenwick says:


    “so, I can take a picture of my family with my PSP?”

    I won’t even try to make fun of her

    Cool hack, but honestly, I hope he fails to market it. Maybe jobless punk should get a job.

  16. Gordan says:

    I wonder when Sony will sue him to non-existence. >_>

  17. mars says:


  18. roshamboe says:

    how mps does the camera have?

  19. samurai1200 says:

    also, does anyone have a bad techno music eliminator algorithm? i can run matlab if necessary.

  20. strider_mt2k says:

    Awesome hack.

    The rest is douchery.

  21. XD says:

    So…. whats the hack again ?
    This PSP is my “TEST” PSP
    I have not run the wires to make the nub actually function”
    Its a mod… not hackaday worthy
    Nice chick btw

  22. Frogz says:

    <3 my 1001
    ….damn that dual analog looks tasty..
    still need l2 and r2 though\
    maybe l3/r3 for ape escape

  23. Frogz says:

    oh, btw, forgot to mention, HAD, YOU OWE ME A NEW MONITOR
    i was forced to apply a brick to mine due to that girl

  24. DJLotus says:

    So basically he’s just done what the acidmod guys have been doing forever and trying to make some cash off it. Awesome.

    If he could cram the flashdrive in the psp and still leave the umd drive functional then it might be worth looking into.

  25. aesdghseth235 says:

    i will track down and kill that girl if i see her on youtube eva again

  26. Yo G says:

    It’s not Techno-it’s shitty Trance that sounds like it has a Bollywood/Disco influence. Garbage either way!

  27. andrew 123 says:

    this is cool i just like the camera if anyone knows how i can get in touch with this guy/girl (??) or the acidmod people email me at

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