Giants roam Berlin


I can hear the comments now: “Not a hack.” Yeah that might be true, but it’s still enormous puppets running around Berlin – that in its own right is pretty cool. The show, put on by the street theater group Royal De Luxe, is part of the 20th anniversary for the fall of the Berlin Wall. Spectators watched as the Big Giant rose from the water in search of his niece, the Little Giantess. We won’t spoil the ending, but its a happy one. Reminds us of the similar giant marionette group La Machine, and their La Princesse.


  1. That commenter says:

    Not a hack.

  2. monkeyslayer56 says:

    not a hack

  3. McSquid says:

    is it sad that my first thought was “oh sh*t! its a big daddy!”

  4. fdsa says:

    not a hack.

  5. mars says:

    Not a hack.

  6. LOL says:

    not a hack… because it lacks an Arduino…

  7. mad_max says:

    Awesome hack.

  8. BikeHelmet says:

    Only a hack if it uses hydraulics rather than cables. ;)

  9. nachowarrior says:

    would be better if it were the 50 foot woman… and she was in her birthday suit. :-p

  10. not a hack says:

    not a hack haha

  11. b says:

    @mcsquid no, that was my first thought to lol

  12. poulpon says:

    they also do that :

    mecanical hack ! with recycled parts !

  13. Ted says:

    You guys are dumb. They put together a giant marionette with full articulation and then rigged a machine to control it’s every action. This is a hack in every respect. What do you guys consider hacks?

  14. poulpon says:


  15. Hiroe says:

    not a hack

  16. Hi Jakob Griffith,
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  17. T&P says:

    Creepy giant puppets that walk out of the sea… WTF

  18. Jack says:

    I keep reading about this sort of enormous performance, and hope I can someday see one in person. Looks so fun!

  19. brain fart says:

    It’s definitely a hack! I was there, saw it, and it was awesome. And they didn’t build a machine to controll the big giant marionette, there was a shitload of crazy French in funny clothes pulling ropes and stuff to move it!

  20. Max123 says:

    I don’t know what you consider to be a hack, but I saw the Giants in Berlin and think it WAS a great hack.. just take a look at this picture:

    This machine is awesome..

  21. Drone says:

    That thing is drunk. It is going trip and fall, crushing a bunch of people in that crowd.

  22. Aphex13 says:

    Hack of the year nomination…

  23. maxdamage says:

    Not a hack.

  24. miked says:

    More details would have made this very interesting. I have no idea what it takes to make a marionette that large. It would have been good to see some build details.

  25. max says:

    Pink Floyd would be proud

  26. directory says:

    Not a hack, but cool nevertheless.

  27. ggnumber01 says:

    it was make by a french team
    vive la france

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