Nokia: destroying phones for fun and profit

nokia-test-center-ctia-still (Custom)

No matter how grumpy you are in the morning, this video should make you smile. This is one of the jobs many of us dream of. Take a tour around Nokia’s product testing facility with Engadget. Watch in the video as phones are squashed, pinched, smacked, baked, shaken, dialed, slid, opened, and closed repeatedly. Sure, we don’t get to see any of them obliterated, but it sure is fun to see those machines at work. Each one of these tests will be run until the phones eventually come apart or cease to function. Too bad they didn’t show us that part of it.


  1. Spork says:

    Awesome. This post did make me smile this morning.

  2. monkeyslayer56 says:

    idk if its a hack buts its definitely one of those fun informative articles that i like
    o wait nvm the phones were being “hacked” on

  3. GSV Ethics Gradient says:

    I looked round Nokia’s their test facility in Farnborough once. Looks like mostly the same kit, but they did have a cool device on a massive vertical rail that which held a phone with a pneumatic sucker, then accelerated very fast downwards and release it letting it smash into a concrete slab.

  4. mars says:

    The music.. It ruins it.

    Also, not even close to being ‘hack’ related.

  5. sly says:

    the goggles… they do nothing

  6. spacecoyote says:

    I always wondered why Nokia phones were so damn durable…now I know.

  7. elal1862 says:

    But still no good test for faulty Flash memory and warranty repairs taking up to three weeks… groan…

  8. aztraph says:

    I have a boulder cell phone, the GZone from casio, supposedly made to military specs, but not to mine. had it for about a 9 months and the case has cracked the keys don’t work all the time and one short drop and the Micro sd card unseats itself, maybe they should take a lesson from nokia. My N800 has been dropped and squashed untold times and still runs great. kudos nokia

  9. deaf mute says:

    If I wanted to read Engadget, I’d read Engadget.

  10. jproach says:

    I agree with mars, music totally ruined it.

    Lots of cool one off stuff though.

  11. نوكيا says:

    This a prove , of how Nokia devices power :D

  12. XBox Hacker says:

    Aha nice, they really have like 8 different tests.

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