Hulu Desktop for Linux . . . finally


The folks over at Hulu Labs have been busy it seems, as they have just released a version of their desktop client for Linux. Windows and OSX versions of the desktop client have been out for some time now, but Linux has been left in the dark. Functionality wise, it operates and plays videos identically to its counterparts. The Linux version can also be controlled via an IR remote. We certainly are excited to add this to our entertainment systems. The release is a bit of a surprise, but a welcome change to the usual treatment of Linux, and it’s nice to see the mainstream start to recognize it. Plus, this is just more ammunition for getting rid of those monthly cable/satellite subscriptions.


  1. Caleb Kraft says:


  2. spacecoyote says:

    I have a feeling there’s more to it yet unseen or they wouldn’t have gone to all the trouble (for the “measly” <1% linux portion of the general audience.) Is a linux based hulu set top box in the works? Or maybe something built in to the TV itself, who knows…

  3. klaymen says:


  4. Mike Szczys says:

    Um Yes.

    yes yes yes yes yes yes yes…..

    1) Install
    2) Setup Remote
    3) Edit menu XMLs to integrate this into MythTV

    Did I mention: YES!

  5. ClutchDude says:

    For those of us with MythTV boxes….this means an end to crappy hacks and endless attempts to implement unhappy solutions to get Online content to blend with our the rest of our media.

    Thank goodness once and for all this is real.

  6. dave says:

    Hmm now anyone know how to get access to hulu for free when outside the us ?

  7. hockup says:

    Currently, Hulu only streams to USA. Is there an alternative for people abroad?

  8. Jason Schloer says:

    Keeps crashing on me, but I did notice that while it’s running if I right click on the window it gives me the standard Flash context menu. So, unfortunately, I’m not sure if it will be easy to integrate into something like Myth. At least no easier than the hulu site itself. Hopefully I’m wrong though.

  9. monkeyslayer56 says:

    @dave && hockup
    i think that you might be able to find a US based proxy that will give you the apaerance of being in the US…

  10. Alphathon says:

    No, they block proxies unfortunatelly. I’m not sure exactly how they do it, but there is some check embedded in the stream so that it will only play if it detects you are in the US at your end, as well as theirs. It even has it’s own message. Rather than something like “this is not available outside of the US” it says something like “we have detected that you are using a proxy”

  11. Urza9814 says:


    A US-based VPN then perhaps?

  12. dave says:

    yes something like that would work.
    Tor used to work but that is now blocked.
    Finding a FREE us based vpn is, however difficult

  13. NoshBar says:
  14. mars says:

    meh.. Does it still use flash?

  15. mobilediesel says:

    It still uses flash and so it’s worthless for Linux until Adobe decides Linux is worth supporting.

  16. monkeyslayer56 says:

    what do u mean? they have flash for linux and 64bit is in the alpha stage

  17. nickr says:

    Awesome! I bet this means that Roku support is in the works.

  18. GSV Ethics Gradient says:

    I don’t think mobilediesel was disputing that it exists, I think he was just making the point that it’s a complete and utter crock of useless shit.

  19. Dielectric says:

    Yup, fullscreen flash is famously broken on Linux. I would think that primary use case would certainly be fullscreened viewing. Ergo, flash-based Hulu on Linux is crap.

  20. Dielectric says:

    Hm, it appears that they are geniuses. Rather than a true fullscreen, the window maximizes to a borderless window that takes up the whole screen, which is effectively fullscreen. I’m watching Family Guy right now and it’s pretty good. Hooray!

  21. Why Hackaday, Why? says:

    Man… What a complex hack… No Arduino or anything! Amazing…

  22. Dana says:

    It’s a nice effort on Hulu’s part. Now Adobe needs to get their heads out of their arses and fix Flash for Linux.

  23. coldwar23 says:

    Why not use the XBMC hulu script? Works fine for me with a little tweaking.

  24. Iv says:

    Hulu is still an US only project. Useless to me.
    I think that someone providing an internet service on geographical location of clients is doing something inherently wrong. Yes I know the RIAA is to blame, not hulu. Wrong all the same.

  25. Rob says:

    Coldwar23 what tweaking did you do to the xbmc hulu script. I have xbmc on an xbox and ubuntu media server and want hulu.


  26. jeditalian says:

    this thing selfdestructed on my first run in ubuntu 64 bit 9.10. then ubuntu was all wack so i had to reinstall. and i vowed to never try it again. adobe needs to fix the flash shituation. i cant even modify the flash settings when im in linux. the menu pops up but its mostly unusable.

  27. clay says:

    jeditalian: id say use 32 bit regardless…lotta problems with 64 bit…your really not gaining alot by using it..not yet anyways… i could be wrong on that but from what ive read id stick with 32 a bit longer heh, not just to get hulu ha but if your having other problems and such id say just stick with what works for now..

  28. TOR says:

    I know this is an older thread but has anyone used this with the new Rasbery PI device? I am looking at making a credit card sized computer that is 100% dedicated to my TV but want to see if it is worth it.. Here is the device site. Maybe someone has already tried it?

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