Morphing robot demonstrated at IROS


A morphing robot was demonstrated at the IROS conference this week. This orb has no rigid structure but uses some type of “inflation” system for locomotion. This robot concept is offered up by the iRobot company as part of a DARPA initiative they’re working on. The “inflation” is really a substance in the skin that can be converted from a liquid-like state to a solid-like one. They call this “The Jamming Concept” and give a layman’s explanation in the video we’ve embedded after the break.

When moving, this white ball is a churning, turning, bulging mass of terror. The just-about-to-hatch pods from Alien, or perhaps something from Doom 3 come to mind. The hexapod from IROS that we covered yesterday was amazing, but this really creeps us out. What’s more, this is footage from the iRobot prototypes of a year ago.  The newer stuff can do much more, like having several of these things glob together into one unit.

We’re glad that [DarwinSurvior] sent us the tip on this one, but now we’re not going to be able to sleep at night.

31 thoughts on “Morphing robot demonstrated at IROS

  1. @Jeff… Uhh, yeah, ok… First steps toward a porn app. The video on that link you provided is –way– creepy. Though it sure appears this man “loves” his work! ewww

  2. Video was well done, robot was strange.
    I could possibly see a very large version of this as a way to make any terrain walkable, filling in voids or holes and smoothing slopes of large rocks and what have you.

  3. cool would love to see this incorprated in to a hexapod…oh another idea artificial type of pacemaker/heart?

  4. Holy… This thing really scares me, if i would see it rolling and morphing towards me, i would probably run away. Although, cool it is.

  5. It looks like pressure is having to do the work here.
    the thing is puffing out. NASA tried this back in the moon race days as a robot rover. Wheels won.

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