Halloween props: Skeleton springs from coffin


[Tony's] trying to scare the kids again this Halloween. This year’s creation is a skeleton that springs up from a coffin. His creepy coffin is built from plywood and in the classic style it gets narrower at each end. Inside, there’s a full-sized rubber skeleton affixed to a 2×4. Pneumatic rams are used to lift the lid and spring forth the skeleton from the dead.

He’s planned his performance well. The finished system uses a fog machine and looped audio for ambiance. A motion sensor detects innocent victims approaching, kills the music, opens the coffin lid, and adjusts the lighting. The coffin is right next to the door so when the doorbell is pushed and the skeleton springs upright this should scare the bejesus out of you. See how effective this in the video after the break.


  1. chris says:

    Don’t forget to use a puff of compressed air aimed at the victims to assault all their senses.

  2. clinton says:

    i like the lighting change, it adds to the atmosphere. nicely done.

  3. ChalkBored says:

    It needs to scream when it pops out of the coffin.

  4. Kalvster says:

    Man this is going to scare kids so bad!

  5. macegr says:

    Might want to put down some newspaper on the sidewalk in front of this thing.

  6. Tech Buzz says:

    Waiting for the day.

  7. derwin says:

    I love the music it plays when you get close to it.

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