Improved arm mounted flame thrower

prometheus-flame-thrower[Everett] is at it again with Prometheus, an arm mounted flame thrower.This is the third generation of the project and makes some huge advances over the second generation we saw last year. We’d say he’s reached cinema/stage-performance quality with his design.

The self-contained system is completely arm mounted with a fuel reservoir mounting behind the elbow. The new version adds an adjustable flow valve actuated by a servo motor to regulate the flame size. An arc generator has been incorporated to replace the lighter from the last version. A microcontroller measures wrist angle and takes care of creating the arc and regulating the fuel supply.

Prometheus is small, controllable, and frightening. See a full demonstration as well as some video of the prototyping process after the break. Does this make you wonder how much burn cream [Evertt’s] needed over the years?

Extended demonstration video.

Build log video.

71 thoughts on “Improved arm mounted flame thrower

    1. Or Pyromancer gloves, A.K.A. Flame Resistant gloves. I prefer to go without. It’s fun to watch things burn feeling like a wizard.

  1. I still see the need for an emergency cut off – sensing a jerk reaction, for example – but I must admit that this… this…

    is mighty cool.

  2. I wonder.. could a battery powered air compressor with an electronically controlled regulator be added to increase the flame height? :)

    I also wonder if he smears his arm with a flame retardant gell of some sort.. :)

  3. How black do you think his ceiling is now!

    I would prefer one like Tony Stark’s personally.
    The taser one linked looks kinda cool too.


  4. Awesome. Absolutely friggin awesome.

    Yeah, that was the first thing I noticed too. I’m wondering if it was photoshopped. It’s a good pic either way.

    1. The Scooter, Electric glove, Flame glove, and Freezer Jacket. Contract of the beast who sleeps beneath the earth/sky/volcano/ice.


  5. Hey, I used to work with this guy, and he knows what he’s doing. No, it’s not photoshopped Spadefinger. I’ve seen it in real life, or at least a prototype of his first one. He’s the real deal guys, a real true hacker, and an amazing mind.

  6. That is awesome but there’s no social setting I can imagine that I can show that and not get looks.

    Very awesome nevertheless.

  7. That’s cool. Some suggestion though. He should have the chip monitor his middle finger extensor muscle rather than his wrist motion. that way he can monitor how fast he open his hand. Doing so you can make it start the arc when you open you hand quickly as if you want to start a fire ball. Then to control the intensity of the flame he could monitor his bicept muscle. By flexing your bicept you get a larger flame.

  8. Ahh, but will you use this power for good, or evil?

    Unkind that you did not normalize the audio in the two videos. The second one came out LOUD as we have turned up the volume to hear you speak in the first.

  9. Combine this with that arduino hack of the force trainer toy and the possibilities are *endless*.

    Alphawave controlled pressure boost? Yes please. Well… it could have… unfortunate consequences if you somehow lit yourself on fire and got overly anxious about the whole burning thing. But still.

  10. @bhartley: Now all he needs is one for his left hand that shoots water.

    Liquid Nitrogen is much better (and dangerous).
    Or maybe ultracool alcohol luncher!!!!
    Very cold and sticky. And you can set fire after!!!

  11. Playing with fire is how humanity went from animals to toll users. Playing with fire was the start of human civilization, our first invention, and the first real sentient manipulation of our environment.

    Playing with fire is a good thing.


    Playing with fire-dangerous
    Making a hand made flamethrower-more dangerous
    Making a hand made, hand mounted flamethrower-even more dangerous
    Making a hand made, hand mounted flamethrower WITHOUT THE USE OF FIREPROOF GLOVES-Insane.

  13. Robert has a point, this is awesome but he should really have gloves on, and possibly something more fire resistant than a t-shirt or a mask. Nobody thinks that they’ll blast themselves in the face with something like this but it can happen.

  14. 55 seconds in you seem too have a problem with a constant amount of fluid being released when you move around.

    Hopefully you didn’t burn your hand lol

  15. i like the idea alot and the hack for the forcetrainer.a machinic’s heat-resistent/or fire proof glove would be a good idea..also i agree with placing the flexsensor on all of the fingers would save them from getting burned…gives me EVIL ideas for some armor >:)

  16. Evil is born, and only one Firefighter can bring him to justice or die trying.

    Coming soon to theaters near you.

    (dang narrators voice in my head again)

  17. Iron man may be fictional but since he is a tech hero then someday he could become an actual superhero. I wish creative people like this would become rich so they could fund more research.

  18. Just wanted to point out that he obviously knows what he is doing and that fire is dangerous.
    You people type like he is 12 years old.

    Nice build, looks like it would be all kinds of fun for special effects and toasting marshmallows.

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