Server not as think as you drunk it is


[Janos] pulled off a unique case mod by fitting a computer system inside of a whiskey bottle. Inside you’ll find a 733MHz processor, 256MB of ram, a 40GB hard drive, and a 60 watt power supply. The specs seem a little light but since this mod is from 2006 we certainly understand. Using the right server software this will still keep up with today’s demands.

It sounds like the hardest part was putting holes in the bottle. After a few failed attempts, [Janos] found a professional glass grinder to cut the openings for him.

The whole thing was running a little hot and instead of filling the bottle with oil (oh, how we wish he had) he added a second fan in the bottle’s neck and drilled some air intake holes. This brought the temperature under control while preserving the boozy look of this creative enclosure.

[via Lifehacker]

11 thoughts on “Server not as think as you drunk it is

  1. roflmao ubuntu server edition as a suggested OS??!
    what kind of a script kiddie moron would use such a piece of crap?

    You FAIL.

  2. roflmao using an off the shelf motherboard??! what kind of a script kiddie moron would use such a piece of crap? Real haxxors make their own processors out of overclocked Arduinos and string.

    Dennis, You FAIL.

    As to the hack in question, that’s a nice job.

  3. Not in as harsh of words, but I’ve got to agree with Dennis on his comment. Ubuntu is (imho) an awesome linux desktop distro. However, there are much, much better server distros to use, especially if you’re running on slower hardware. I’d even suggest you stick w/ the 2.4 kernel as well.

    As for the actual computer, it’s a pretty standard speed for SBCs. They’re made to be small, simple, cheap, and easily replaceable. Even now in late 2009 I think you’d be hard pressed to find one (at a good price) using technology much past a pentium M from the ’04 ish computing era.

    For the actual article/hack: Awesome job, man. Not only did it fit, it’s probably one of the cleanest-looking hacks I’ve ever seen. The last pic showing it amongst the other alcohol bottles made me do a double take.

  4. If you have any room left, you should add a usb port. That way you can add a CD/DVD-ROM/RW when you need one, or many other usb devices.

    Really nice mod.

  5. Don’t bother me right now… glug glug glug….
    I’m busy collecting cases for a … glug glug glug… Beowulf cluster.

    All kidding aside, this represents one of the more creative novelty computer cases I’ve seen.

  6. This is a bit old, but still fun.

    What about wine bottles on a wine bottle rack?

    Wouldn’t that be another take on the whole “Server rack”?

  7. Because secondhand rackable equipment is cheap and plentiful, but used racks are not cheap. The only reason I was able to get a 22U rack for my 4 *free* rackmount servers was that I was given one by my previous employer when they closed their tech support center in honolulu.

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