Farewell microblog

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[Nico]‘s microblog has been a regular source of inspiration since we were introduced to it last year. Aside from posting various technical thoughts and reviews, [Nico] won our hearts over by going through the trouble to strip chips and photograph them for our pleasure. Browse through his archive and download what you want, because he’s shutting down. The posts have waned, due to his final year of school taking all of his time and graduation is coming soon. [Nico] will be looking for a job soon, so check out his resume (pdf) if you’re looking for an engineer.


  1. svofski says:

    All the best wishes to Nico! Why not make a more or less permanent archive available for browsing though?

    Just BTW, whatever happened to Flylogic blog: http://www.flylogic.net/blog/ ? They used to have most awesome chip dissections, but there haven’t been a single post since January..

  2. Neckbeard says:

    Perhaps you should think about hiring him yourselves, it’d be great to get some real content on here again.

  3. medix says:

    @Neckbeard: I second that.

  4. ear0wax says:

    Third. Hack a Days content has been slowly getting worse over the past 2 years

  5. MysticShadow says:

    I fourth that!!!

  6. your photography will be missed Nico.

    @the trolls,
    Thanks for bitching endlessly. You guys totally don’t look like asses for it. really.

  7. therian says:

    Hey guys do you notice there is good hacks after this post, yey we made them scared

  8. Pouncer says:

    Best of luck Nico!

    @captain obvious

    *thumbs up*

  9. tom says:

    quality of trolls is constantly improving though. so actually trolls are like good wine. (red and bitter?)

  10. Chris says:

    Hi guys, sorry we haven’t posted. It’s been overwhelming this year.

    Expect something soon if we can rid ourselves of the spammer who attacked us :(.

  11. svofski says:

    Chris, happy to hear that you’re in business. Can’t wait to see new posts, too!

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