Make Magazine – Open Source Hardware 2009

Former HaD’er [Phillip Torrone] has written an extensive collection of Open Source Hardware projects for Make Magazine. This impressive list covers over 125 projects and kits, broken into 19 categories including 3d Printing, Music, Robotics, and Wireless systems. A number of these projects have been either extensively detailed or mentioned on HaD, so there is bound to be something for everyone here.

[Phillip] is not only detailing these projects for people new to the Open Source Hardware movement, but is also calling for new and unheard of projects to be listed in places like this, as well as central locations such as the OSH Wikipedia page. We are sure that a number of HaD readers will be answer this challenge.

Thanks again to [Phillip] for sharing this with us.


  1. Jeff Wallin says:

    Im interested in the video camera in the picture, alas im much to lazy to read the whole article right now.

    Anyone wanna lend a hint about it?

  2. Nepolroy says:
  3. pt says:

    thanks james! also worth noting, the bus pirate is in there, a project developed at HaD!

  4. grovenstien says:

    woop woop!

  5. Emanuele says:

    Hello there,
    please check my open source hardware project

    FTPmicro (embedded web server – ftp client – email sender and rss reader)

    and italian version

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