Aural Twitter

[POTUSCamacho] listens to his @public_timeline rss feed. In part one of his project, he describes creating a bash script in which he uses cURL get his private feed, sed to clean it and eSpeak to output a WAV file. In parts two and three, he goes on to discuss how he created an audio stream (currently down, opens in a new window) of @public_timeline and how he plans on tweeting vocally.


  1. anon says:

    YAY! Now twitter can invade another sense. Only three more to go. I can’t imagine that tasting the tweeting fart chair will be pleasant.

  2. taylor says:

    I’ve never been thrilled about the word “Aural”. It sounds waaay to similar to “oral” and makes it very difficult to use the word without someone thinking you’re screwing around. I like it because it is the most correct word to use in most situations, but you simply cannot say “aural stimulation” without people hearing something completely different. I use “auditory” instead, but usually have to use it incorrectly if it’s replacing “aural”.
    Silly english.

  3. Sam Whited says: does something similar. It reads off a Twitter stream as if you were flipping through radio stations on an old transistor radio.

  4. cnawan says:

    lol, I did exactly that (minus broadcasting) last year. Twitter’s ‘we test our API with cURL’ examples made it easy and fun to poke at the internet. I wish more sites would be so helpful.

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