iPhone N64 emulation with WiiMote

[ZodTTD] has released a Nintendo 64 emulator for iPhone. It is available (for a price) at the Cydia store and can be installed on jailbroken iPhones. The video shows Wii Remote support as a control interface that uses both buttons and the accelerometer, an addition since we last looked at his work. There is no word about nunchuck functionality, a must if you’re going to try to 100% Mario64.


  1. Scratch says:

    I’ll wait for higher framerates before I PAY for that.

  2. RLE says:

    Is it me or did mario jump before he pressed the button?

  3. sarsface says:

    With framerates like that you, might as well VNC to a pc running the emulator.

  4. lambda35 says:

    name of the Song ?

  5. Sirrah says:

    Some remix of Annie, You’re Ok… A great old song

  6. nubie says:

    MarioKart is famous for requiring a lot of processing power to emulate properly, you will get full-speed Mario64.

  7. Jonathan Mayer says:

    @Sirrah “Annie, You’re Ok”… sorry, but that’s sad as this song is a cliassic.

    It’s an 8-bit Remix of Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal”

  8. I 2nd @scratch and @jonathan mayer

  9. DanTheMan says:

    For an early release I’m rather impressed. Looking at Cydia, apparently there’s already a new version out that claims to have better performance. Curious to see where it goes from here.

  10. none says:

    use the cracked sinful iphone or xsellize source already has nes4iphone cracked

  11. tom says:

    it really would be a whole lot better if the “b” button was higher then the “a” button instead.i like to use the b button with the end of my thumb and the a button with the inside knuckle of my thumb.

  12. Frank McSteez says:

    Well I’m sure you COULD emulate the N64 on a Z80 too, but if the framerate makes it unplayable, there isn’t much point.

  13. Robb says:

    maybe their is some way to lower the processing by scaling the resolution of the graphics? Isnt that what they did for the ds remake of mario 64?

  14. no-one-in-particular says:

    @nubie Mario Kart 64 is one of the less processor intensive games to emulate. Goldeneye ,Perfect Dark, and Donkey Kong 64 have far higher requirements.

  15. Digitalfiend says:

    @Jonathan Mayer

    It is a cover of smooth criminal. But who did this particular cover? I want more!

  16. Jim Foster says:

    Yeah, framerate is kind of poor, but still cool. Although it would take a bit (lot) more programming, it’d be much cooler if you could get rid of the onscreen controller and use it widescreen. Pretty cool anyway.

  17. Ned Scott says:

    The guy behind the BT stack that these emulators are using is going to add BT support for the PS3 controller too.

  18. BikeHelmet says:

    I think I’ll get the Pandora version. Same processor as the iPhone, but without the horrible OS overhead.

  19. Chris says:

    Emulator schemulator, the Wiimote control is what’s interesting here. If they get the nunchuck working then they will have a full analog joystick to use instead of using the tilt sensor here (which of coures the iphone already has).

  20. Ghost says:

    pha is it just me or is Iphone not be able to handle nes graphics? i mean look at Megaman 2 for example, sluggish and slow as hell. and now ghouls and ghost being port and ppl is complaining about being slow frame rate drops.. PAH i tried NES4Iphone nice idea but seemed to be slow as the other iphone games that tries to emulate games from that era.

  21. saru says:

    but cool!

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