RFID meets Open Sound Control

Have you been working on a MIDI controller that uses RFID to identify and control different instruments? No? Neither have we but now we’re going to have to look into it. That’s because [Martin.K] has done a lot of the work for us. His nfOSC package links an RFID reader to the Open Sound Control library.

In the video after the break we see [Martin] placing RFID tags onto a Touchatag reader. With each addition, his software triggers a tag add event that OSC picks up and translates to a midi event; in this case it adds a new instrument to the mix. Can this be used to relieve musicians from staring at computer screens during performances? What if there was a small shelf in front of you? As you happily play your electric Didgeridoo, small items with RFID tags on them can be added or removed from that shelf to change the samples that are triggered when toiling away on that sonic weapon. This should be fun!


  1. mowcius says:

    I wasn’t aware that RFID readers could read multiple devices at the same time, I will have to look into that now. I look forward to hearing more about stuff like this.


  2. Shadyman says:


    Some can, and some can’t. Mifare systems can read more than one at once. I’m not sure about the lower frequency ones or other protocols, though.

  3. Zymastorik says:

    Looks pretty useless from where I’m sitting. Lots of technology doing something that’s not very interesting or useful. Sweet.

  4. mowcius says:

    i’m surprised there hasn’t been a ‘does it have an arduino? no? Then i’m not interested’ yet

  5. octel says:

    does it have an arduino? no? Then i’m not interested

  6. Wwhat says:

    The whole idea and design of RFID necessitates reading multiple items, that’s part of the basic concept of RFID.

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