Missile hack taunts your cat

[Atlantageek] sent in a missile launcher project that he threw together. For Christmas he received a Chumby One and a ThinkGeek USB Rocket Launcher as gifts (lucky dog). Neither of these toys are “played with” in the traditional sense as much as they become centerpieces of your next hack. In that spirit, [Atlantageek] immediately wrote a widget to control the launcher via the Chumby. The side effect of driving his cat bonkers was an unexpected bonus.


  1. strider_mt2k says:

    Oh that’s cool.
    Nice hack.

    I would love to get a chumby but it’s behind a couple of other projects so it’ll be a while.

    The missile launcher however… ;)

  2. McSquid says:

    Do want.

  3. Chris says:

    I love how the lamp creates the silhouette of a cat on the wall!

    Oh, and the controller was cool as well. ;-)

  4. dude guy says:

    Nice cat. It looks a lot like mine. Oh cool missle launcher too.

  5. farthead says:

    Hack? how? He plugged in the USB toy, then wrote some really simple code.

  6. b says:

    cool! although i wish there was a version of the rocket launcher that wasmor rapid_fire

  7. kea says:

    this is great fun if you use a ds with some homebrew on to control the launcher

  8. Watt says:

    Does it work with the Chumby Classic ??


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