10 thoughts on “CES Update: MakerBot Gets a Badge

  1. I personally think the makerbot has some rough edges to fix before I care enough to get one – like how parts warp more than star trek

  2. The warping frequently happens from uneven cooling (and yes, commercial machines can suffer from this too). The bottom layer starts to cool (and contract) while the upper layers are still hot, causing warping to occur. You could try to build a controlled temperature chamber for it, but it would add significantly to the cost.

    The makerbot is absurdly cheap (only $750 I think) compared to it’s next closest competitor from a company like Z-corp (probably closer to $10k).

  3. I’d like a Makerbot but one that could do larger sized objects.

    BTW, anyone up for a game of “Spot the guy who’s watched Real Genius a few too many times”? ;)

  4. dear life2death and chris, these warping problems are a thing of the past now that Makerbot is carrying PLA. PLA is much stickier, harder, more heat absorbing, and less warping than ABS. It also looks incredible! You should consider buying a Makerbot now. They are really incredible machines.

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