Amazing chassis hacks

[Crabfu] pulled off some great chassis work on top of a remote control drivetrain. His most recent build turns the tiny traveler into a lunar rover complete with passenger and a communications array. For this he’s sourced the parts from a toy but boosted the realism with hand-painted details that leave us in awe. His previous project sourced the body from a model truck kit. Once again, it’s the paint work that makes us envious of his skills.

Both projects conceal a Losi 1/24 scale micro rock crawler that provides for some incredible locomotion. See video of both builds after the break.


  1. landon says:

    where does the arduino go?

  2. anon says:


    too funny man.

  3. rallen says:

    In the tires.

  4. polossatik says:

    Trough his site I got to know Gakken’s Mechamo Centipede… way cool thing… fun to build also.
    hum, now I think about it, where did I put it?
    Time to digg it up and pimp it with a µcontroller and some sensors…

  5. Megan says:

    why is this toy making on HAD.
    This is not a hack, it’s just some dude playing with model toys.

  6. jimmys says:

    Shhh! Maybe you’d prefer more CES posts?

  7. BuzzKill says:

    @Megan It is someone being creative. Based on your post, a concept of which you are unfamiliar. Respect the skillz.

  8. therian says:

    because everyone left to CES and there is no one to watch Mike, so tsss dont wake him up or he might find the matches :D

  9. Chad says:

    If its detailed with all the fixings why not put duct tape on the right rear fender like the real one!!

    — side note crabfy has done some great work its nice to see him pop up now and then!!

  10. Atom says:

    This is not a hack, this is a chassis mod….

  11. Einomies says:

    Looks like this thing does rough terrain better than the MIT’s little dog robot.

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