Volt meter clock

The Volt meter clock continues our recent slew of interesting clock projects. Though considerably easier to read than the resistor clock, it is in the same frame of mind. Set up to look like the face of an analog volt meter, it almost looks like something official or scientific. Since [Jon] couldn’t simply drop a clock mechanism in, he used a PIC microcontroller. The circuit is pretty simple, but he deserves some credit just for the unique layout.


  1. medix says:

    That is, quite possibly, the largest meter I’ve ever seen. Impressive just for the sheer size of it.

    Props for using a PIC. ;)

  2. Ron says:

    Reminds me a bit of the “Chronulator” kit, which uses two analog meters (one for hour, the other for minute).

  3. MS3FGX says:

    Interesting concept and well implemented. Though personally it seems like the face would make more sense if it were 24 hours with 12 noon in the center. Though I suppose that would make the clock harder to read accurately (at least the minutes), since the distance between hours would be reduced.

  4. darus67 says:

    I, too, was thinking that 12 should be straight up.
    It could still be done that way as a 12 hour clock.

  5. risu says:

    Looks very clean. The two 12’s confused me for moment till I noticed the minute range.

  6. gradbert says:

    I did a volt meter clock a while back, with three meters for hours minute and seconds. http://gradbert.org/wordpress/?p=5
    I went with a 24 hour dial.

  7. Slurm says:

    he used a servo to move the clock pointer ? wouldn’t it be easier to just just an Digital/Analog converter for voltages from 0V to 12V ?
    something like “gradbert” did.

  8. Jon says:

    Have you tried to buy a large analog meter recently? A $3 servo and a buck for a microprocessor is far cheaper!

  9. Jon says:

    And actually, no, it would be more difficult to drive an analog meter. No external parts are needed to drive a servo. It’s actually pretty simple.

  10. vito says:

    Anybody notice its 4:20?

  11. Patrick says:

    I’m on drugs!

    Seriously, though…Kewl.

  12. The Steven says:


    every time I go to a department stores, I set all the unpowered battery powered clocks to 4:20

  13. Eric says:

    I know Jon well enough that the time is 100% total utter coincidence.

  14. Frogz says:

    anyone who notices its 4:20 is on drugs
    what about people like me who didn’t notice?
    *looks at empty jar* :( oh :(

  15. bothersaidpooh says:

    i once had a huge meter from a pH measuring box (valve based) that would have been ideal for this app – wish i’d kept it now.

    as it is, one of those spares (+/- 30V) from a spare ham radio power supply would probably work.

  16. Agent420 says:

    I felt compelled to comment…

    I just can’t remember why…

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