C64 interface for your computer

Before we get started, lets just point out that this C64 was broken. He did not take a functional C64 out of operation for this. What he did do, was to build a hardware interface for for his VICE system. For those unfamiliar, VICE is a cross platform C64 emulator. [Simon] points out that the old games just weren’t as much fun without the original hardware. Having a broken C64 lying around, he put it to good use. It now acts as the interface for all the original fun stuff.

If you are a fan of the hardware, but just want to interface it as a normal USB keyboard, that is possible as well.


  1. Tom says:

    Yeah, but how did he get it so clean?

  2. svofski says:

    I like how articles on butchered ancient computers start with the excuses now :) Good, good.

    @Tom: some of the later C64’s were manufactured in white cases.

  3. pelrun says:

    Retr0brite, of course!

  4. Simon says:

    Actually I pulled it all apart and scrubbed it in the bath with some washing-up liquid (but it is one of the later white breadbox cases) :). You can also see it in action on youtube, just search for “C64 USB Keyboard”

  5. Gert says:

    Retr0brite does wonders except it fucked up my NES.
    Peeing on the case would’ve had the same effect.

  6. Doug says:

    waiting for an Amiga system like that :P

  7. blizzarddemon says:

    @Tom Theres a product out now that removes all that yellow from electronics of old to give them there original grey or white luster again.

  8. blizzarddemon says:
  9. Janez D. says:

    Anyone know where I could get C128 power connector cheaply? I got a C128 but without power supply and C64’s doesn’t fit..

  10. Hitek146 says:

    ^Looks like complete C128 systems go for an average of about $50 on Ebay, and I see a C128 power brick just sold for $11…

  11. Darkstar says:

    If I remember correctly you can use an Amiga PSU on the C128. Maybe that one’s easier to find…

  12. Whatnot says:

    A better project would be to get some thermite and destroy any c64 near you.
    I mean enough already.

  13. Paul Potter says:

    Pure and utter awesome. I’m so doing this.

  14. Matthew says:

    Since when can retrobrite turn black keys white????

    I really wish people would think before spouting answers.

  15. Matthew says:

    And besides, the commodore was beige to begin with.

  16. Jope says:

    Hehe, would have been worth fixing that C-64G and selling it for a good price, then getting a generic breadbin for almost nothing your project.. :-D

    The G models are quite rare, especially when they are unyellowed.

  17. Jope says:

    “If I remember correctly you can use an Amiga PSU on the C128. Maybe that one’s easier to find…”

    No. Don’t do that.

    Amiga: +12VDC, +5VDC, -12VDC
    C-128: +5VDC, 9VAC

  18. ian says:

    That looks like “Way of the Exploding Fist”, a classic.

    Up and button or backwards and button FTW!

  19. Fantastic idea….looks the biz….wish I still had my old Plus 4…..

  20. Now I would ask why, but hey who needs a reason to do anything techie – coz I wanted too!

  21. elcoco37 says:

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  22. Do as I say, not as I do

  23. Fredric says:

    KEYRAH – sounds familiar? I think it has been available since 2006. Same thing but it has no support for paddles.

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