Precision Erector Set connects multiple cameras

Check out the exoskeleton that [Curt von Badinski] built for filming driving scenes. This extremely configurable wrap-around frame resembles a children’s toy from the past but allows an almost unlimited set of configurations. Five cameras simultaneous capture the driving scene. The current setup is used to shoot the television show 24.

[Thanks Robert]


  1. wdfowty says:

    the youtube quality doesnt do these beauties justice.

  2. Richard Nibbler says:


  3. BiOzZ says:

    i owned a 5D MKII camera for a year … i hated it …. switched to nikon could not have been happier XD

  4. emilio says:

    that’s one very cool mass of precision milling!

    and their camera truck is… a luxury sedan? i guess that gives a nice shot stability (those appear to all be hard mounts) and just a bit of natural body roll when turning or veering.

  5. sdajkl says:

    emilio points out the apparent hard mount of the cameras.. wonder how they keep it from bouncing all around. seems like you would have to have some sort of steady-cam mount to accomplish smooth shots on rougher terrain.

  6. Dug says:

    Having messed around with cameras in cars a little, for some reason bouncing around never appears to be a problem, even on moderately rough terrain. That’s on a (decent, but low-end) Canon SX200.

    Might be down to the internal stability control on the camera, or the suspension of the car. I’m not entirely sure.

    I can’t post the old video for various reasons but I’ll try and get a new one recorded over the weekend (can’t promise anything!) and post it here.

  7. Jim says:
  8. Mixster6 says:

    How are they taking care of the rolling shutter issue? I am guessing lots of post processing?

  9. Wutang36chambers says:

    They use HD still cameras for video now? Video/Photo game is crazy now w/ still cameras having good enough quality video to film professional TV with…

  10. googfan says:

    i wonder if i can make a dinosaur out of i.

  11. Michael L. says:

    In the description it says “simultaneous capture”. Wouldn’t that be “simultaneously capture”?

  12. rick says:

    Maybe I’m thick, but what is the point of this? It’s cool seeing the cameras there, but what is achieved by this? (I don’t watch TV, so I haven’t seen 24)

    The view switching around the car at teh end of the video didn’t seem really to accomplish anything. Is it just to get different shots of driving down a road?

  13. Amos says:

    @”maybe thick rick” ;)

    You got it exactly right. It’s for “transitions” between scenes, car chases, and chroma-keying behind actors that are supposedly driving somewhere (but are really on a sound-stage).

    The multiple cameras are just to get more footage from more angles with less time and gas money ;)

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