Will this mouse get me kicked out of the coffee shop?

This [Dwight Shrute]-esque project will let you try out your taxidermy skills. Apparently you can acquire a ‘wetware’ mouse fresh or frozen from pet stores. We just need to wait until fall when our pantry is visited by the less-domesticated variety.

A travel-sized optical mouse acts as the replacement guts. Some creative dremeling brings the plastic housing down to a more acceptable shape. The furry bits need to be processed using the mouse taxidermy guide before they are fit over the electronics. What you end up with is a creepy peripheral that nobody wants to use.


  1. Brandonman says:

    W.T.F. Is that even a hack? Ugh, distasteful, IMO. :\

  2. I thought it was one of those fake pet store mice for your cats. I 2nd Brandonman’s W.T.F.!

  3. kshade says:

    Is it April already?

  4. amodedoma says:

    Man, that’s like Addams Family creepy!

  5. jpipesup says:

    I class it as a hack,

    And yes, yes it will get you kicked out =D

  6. HIrudinea says:

    Great not only do I have a dead mouse skin on my mouse I have to pay $1000 do the the thing out of my cat!

  7. StarChaser says:

    Make a computer case out of a dog next. Or a laptop turtle!

    But seriously, it’s not that disgusting people. The skin has been properly treated and such.

  8. Julian says:

    This is ridiculous. If you have nothing to post about, just don’t post.

  9. therian says:

    my brain plaing tricks on me or this was feature here in 2007?

  10. Zorink says:
  11. Wolf says:

    My first impression was, “wow, that’s really creepy”, but thinking of all the other things we use fur and hide for, now it just seams hilarious. I wonder if the fur would start coming off after a while though.

  12. Shmoozie says:

    Whoa and it was made by a chick. My mind is
    blown; there are girls on the internet and they cut up dead mice.

  13. icebrain says:

    Nice hack! Not something I would use (I like the clean, cold feeling of plastic on my hand), but it’s very well done.

  14. robert says:

    Seriously, it IS that disgusting. why not just go down to the county shelter and get a puppy. As long as it’s treated an such it won’t be gross.

  15. chango says:

    @StarChaser: now you’ve got me thinking about making a turtle LOGO turtle.

  16. moo says:

    I gone say this is freaky cool. Now its a real mouse :)

  17. supershwa says:

    I vote for more bio-hacking articles on HAD

  18. T&P says:


  19. 81rdm4n says:

    This isn’t disgusting at all… I’ve got like 6 deer heads mounted on my wall and several skins! Just a mouse!

  20. Haku says:

    To make it even creepier just add in an audio playback chip + speaker so whenever you press one of the buttons it makes a death-rattle squeaking sound.

  21. cmholm says:

    Wolf, a properly tanned pelt retains hair pretty well, although the area immediately surrounding the scroll wheel will prove a good stress test.

    I tanned a 1sqft hide at home as an extra credit project for middle school (c. 1974). The pelt was scrap from a local taxidermist. The chemicals provided my neighborhood pharmacist with an excuse to break his routine while looking up the effects of chromium sulfate.

  22. steveorama says:

    holy crap that hilarious!
    too bad it wasnt alive and still guided your pointer lol

  23. McSquid says:

    LMAO I love it! also +1 to the laptop turtle idea

  24. MG says:

    Hmm, looks like something I might do. I’m more likely to craft an artificial mouse since I already know how to do that (and have some old fur coats I’ve being looking to cut up for projects). If I ever feel like learning taxidermy though (I don’t see why people have problems with dead animals, the pig dissection in high school bio just made me want bacon), this would be at the top of my list of things to do.

  25. Tachikoma says:

    It’s hilarious, more so for the fact that people have such an adverse reaction to it.

  26. jewbag says:

    FINALLY!!!! After 3 years I never thought I would see this…. AGAIN! YESSSSS!!!!!!!!!

  27. Avaviel says:


  28. Mic says:

    Beautiful. I should make one to go with my raccoon keyboard

  29. Mic says:

    S@%# My kbd should be a dead cat so then I can play cat and mouse…

  30. Shmoozie says:

    Dressing them up in shirts too. Its not the taxidermy part that creeps me out, its the applications. Its like the squirrels on scrubs.

  31. jeditalian says:

    fuckin bionic mouse hack!

  32. Troel says:

    @StarChaser, 81rdm4n. They’re just bitching because they value the lives of animals higher than that of people, and the mere suggestion that the body of an animal could be used for our entertainment confuses and disgusts them. Never mind all the animal-products in everything we eat, and the food chain. Some idiots will forever refuse rational thought when they see some stupid animal dead.

    • Greenaum says:

      People’s lives are more important than animals, nobody disagrees with that. But to kill a mouse just to make, essentially, a practical joke, is a bit needless.

      Then again unless you’re a vegetarian, complaining about this is an illogical gut-reaction. But people are full of those. And I am a vegetarian.

  33. jeditalian says:

    so how long until someone builds a robo-kitty-skeleton and stuffs it in their dead cat, giving it creepy eternal life?
    even easier, one of you deer-hunters could reinvent the ball mouse.. make a laser-ball mouse (just a laser mouse packaged neatly inside a deer nut-sack)

  34. Frax says:

    I think this is more up Dr. Jan Itor’s alley than Dwight’s, actually.

  35. edjy says:

    What a waste! Should have used a bluetooth mouse as a base! :D

  36. CletustheYokel says:

    Why stop at mice?

    Every year millions of squirrels and groundhogs are killed along the nations highways. Waste not want not.

  37. JB says:

    I want Robochicken!

  38. gezepi says:

    Haha, that thing is hilarious. I wouldn’t mind having one of these mice lying around.

    I’m pretty surprised at the amount of disgust this has received, I wouldn’t have expected it from this crowd.

  39. therian says:

    “They’re just bitching because they value the lives of animals higher than that of people”

    animals neutral or kind, people idiots or assholes, so whos life more valuable?

  40. Fallen says:


    More like waste not rot not hehehe

    I don’t see why this is so offensive. Hell we wrap ourselves in cow hides…think about that for a minute…

  41. localroger says:

    @ Shmoozie: Whoa and it was made by a chick. My mind is blown; there are girls on the internet and they cut up dead mice.

    There are girls out there who are into every single thing you have ever been told girls are not into. This is both a good thing and a bad thing. Mostly good IMO, but YMMV. Hint: If you hook up with the one that embalms ex-living-mice to adorn her pointer-mouse, DON’T PISS HER OFF. Just, like, a hint. Hint.

  42. risu says:

    Now that is awesome. Who says all taxidermies have to be mounted on the wall, or in a museum? Although I might draw the line at taxidermy robotics.

  43. Tod says:

    I’d actually enjoy getting kicked out of a coffee house for this hack.

    Folks featured here at HAD are often here for modding and repurposing things many of us wouldn’t (or just didn’t yet) think of. This is no different.

    Taxidermy and/or skinning for fur is a fairly well-respected form of art dating back many, many centuries (except within PETA and some other groups). It’s a way of repurposing an animal hide. And to do it properly takes a fair bit of know-how, patience… just like any hack does.

    Few people feel bad about mouse traps, poisoning rodents/”vermin”, or even using “humane” live traps only to take the whole “family” of captive mice to a watery grave in a bucket!

    So why is this much different?

    BTW: I’m not a taxidermist or even a hunter. I don’t kill for sport.

  44. Osgeld says:

    damn this instructable is old, you guys really need to explore that site some more

  45. WestfW says:

    > animals neutral or kind
    Obviously a city boy, and a relatively well-off one at that… Mice used to be pretty exclusively pests, back before Disney/etc.

  46. cde says:

    Personally, the only problem (or biggest atleast) I have with this is that it retains the head and limbs. Using the pelt is one thing, that’s okay (as long as I wasn’t involved in the making of it) but keeping the entire thing is another.

    It’s just disturbing…

  47. octel says:

    low-effort troll

    there’s nothing noble about killing animals specifically for entertainment

    can you get it through your through your thick skull that maybe caring about animals doesn’t have to be a false dichotomy (“caring about animals more than people”)

    one can care about multiple things to the same extent

  48. Crell says:

    This is just cruel.

  49. Joseph says:

    That is gross.

  50. Phil Burgess says:

    Gross…yet still a huge step up from the early iMac “hockey puck” mouse. :)

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