Coffee powered Car-puccino

We can only imagine how amazing this coffee burning car smells at it speeds down the highway at a maximum of 60mph. Don’t jump out of your seat so quick to get your own, while the idea sounds fantastic, the mileage will bring you back to earth rather quick. At 3 miles per kilo of coffee, it can turn that £36 210 mile trip into one between £910 and £1,820 with a stop to re-bean-fill every half hour!

Still, the Car-puccino is an amazing conversion, and we’re getting closer and closer to Back to the Future’s Mr. Fusion

[Thanks Tim]


  1. nfo says:

    Technically this is just a very inefficient coal powered car, since the coffee is gasified by a 700C charcoal furnace in the trunk.

  2. Ryan Leach says:

    heh, still seems a novelty.

  3. 3-R4Z0R says:

    Nothing new, they used that kind of cars during WW2 all over Sweden. They can run on wood too… and smell like hell.

  4. CRJEEA says:

    But can it make you a brew while your traveling

  5. Sp`ange says:

    Nown if it made a cup-a-joe and bacon it MIGHT be worth it. :)

  6. vonskippy says:

    Since you can use the grounds AFTER they been used to make coffee (i.e. used grounds – dried) the cost should be next to nothing (like used fryer oil)

  7. aSSbAG says:

    I bet it shakes like hell.

  8. NatureTM says:

    I guess you could say it runs on a Java platform.

  9. McSquid says:



    a coffee maker inside a car would have been a more useful hack. perfect for those treks to VT x_x

  10. BobC says:

    If it runs on used grounds, it’s basically free – you just have to make friends with some baristas.

  11. HIrudinea says:

    What’s so bad about the milage, “My car gets 40 rods to he hogshead, and thats the way I like it!”

  12. Paul Potter says:

    Bonus points for it looking a bit like the Back To The Future Delorean.

  13. jeditalian says:

    fuck coffee, run that shit on cocaine!

  14. jeditalian says:

    there’s alot of nitrogen in coffeegrounds. is that even necessary to the function of this car, or is it dependent on plant-oils..?
    i think you’re better off planting Jatropha.
    i wanted to plant coffee trees at one time, until i read that they take like 40 years to fully mature and start producing beans.
    but if you can modify a vehicle to run on kudzu.. come to Mississippi, and take all the fucking kudzu you want. that shit is free, and it could terraform Mars. someone should drop some kudzubeans wherever they found water on the moon, see if it will grow in that lack of atmosphere.

  15. Sarimin says:

    They can run on wood too… and smell like hell.

  16. lurker says:

    @Hirudinea, you got’s yourself a yellow onion? Back during the war…

    …That said, haven’t there been a shitton and a half of gasifier of late? I’ll admit this one is novel, but still…

  17. jim says:

    Oh god, the Daily Mail with its comments is one of the stupidest places on earth.

  18. Howie says:

    there’s even a fan site for it’s stupidity:

    I’m pretty sure Coffee is one of the highest yielding cash-per-square-foot crops around (legal ones), so this is the worst possible cost-per-mile for something that can basically take any organic junk. Like building everything in gold and then complaining how expensive it was.

  19. cooperised says:

    Damn straight. Go straight to the source instead – the BBC site has a video too. (link probably won’t have the coffee car video forever…)

  20. Entropia says:

    A nice mk2 Scirocco ruined.

  21. Martin says:

    This is just sad.

    If you imagine how much manual work it takes to produce a kilogramm of coffee beans, the creators of this car are just ridiculing the poor low-wage workers harvesting the coffee.

    Please stop using this car. Put in a museum as an example of most stupidiest things mankind ever made.

  22. sonichris says:

    it uses USED coffee grinds. USED. but did they have to use a 16V scirocco? those are very scarce nowadays…

  23. Ryan says:

    My god… how could they ruin such a nice scirocco :( Those things are so hard to come by.

  24. That is pretty amazing

  25. Rex says:

    Wouldn’t it make much more sense to process the coffee at a static site and then use the gas to power the car? You don’t see people trying to run their cars off crude oil.

  26. clinton says:


    That was not a fail, but a win.

  27. Edd says:

    +1 on the poor scirocco :(

  28. James says:

    I just saw this car on a street in Manchester just behind the Metropolitan University. It smells terrible! But looks great

  29. Autodidact says:

    If he made it dual fuel adding manure it would be a car-poo-ccino but smell different.

  30. Hitek146 says:

    Poor Scirocco? Ha… That car is BUTT ugly!

  31. phil says:

    It runs on Coffee GRINDS which are a waste product, not coffee BEANS which arn’t. Coffee grinds get thrown in landfill by the ton and this is an ingenious method of power production from something that is normally thrown away.

  32. Cobolt says:

    I saw this today in Manchester. The smell from it was quite awful!

  33. Martin Bacon says:

    I Built this car and it runs on used coffee using new would be stupid. The Daily Mail published a lot of crap about this car. also it uses no charcoal at all the coffee burns buy its self.

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  36. kate says:

    poignant post. to be truthful i am not sure i understood it completely. but, wanted to step upand leave a comment anyway. are you a freelance writer by vocation?, because your posts are really good.

  37. I can see starbucks’ profit going through the roof!

  38. jimdavidson says:

    This would be my ultimate car. Am going to talk to my mechanic immediately about customising my Datsun.

  39. aza says:

    super hybridcars !

  40. I am staggered that this car can reach 60 mph! Bet it would wake you up in the morning though!

  41. pasta maker says:

    I think the smell would be “delicious”.
    At least its coffee, and not some other bad stuff :D

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  43. What a terrible waste of a good cup of coffee. Although, if it could run off of just the spent beans we might have something to talk about :)

  44. Is brewing in the car taste the same as regular coffee we had.I hope it is the same taste as we conventionally have. If it does, that is a wow for travelers like me.Having coffee while on travel.awesomeness!!!

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