Flash animations on Peggy2.0

The LED display toy known as the Peggy2.0 just keeps getting cooler and cooler.  [Leonard] is now sharing with us how we can stream flash animations to one. It requires some Java and an Arduino, but the final effect is quite fluid and responsive. We’ve seen the Peggy grow from basically an electronic litebright to doing video and even being chained together to make larger displays.

[via EMSL]


  1. woah says:

    “refresh rate of 60 kilohertz” (12-14 seconds into the movie)? damn that’s fast.

    that’s a factor 1000 faster than most computer screens.

  2. rak0ribz says:

    He could be talking about horizontal refresh rate; those are often in the kilohertz range. (I didn’t WTFV, though.)

  3. Mikey says:

    I heard the 60 khz comment too, but I’m pretty sure he meant 60 hz… if ANYTHING in that project operates at 60 khz (not counting the devices’ clocks), it’s probably the data transmission speed.

  4. jeditalian says:

    when i read ‘flash animations’, the first thing to come to mind was, of course: http://www.weebls-stuff.com/flash/466_horse3.swf too bad the video was not based entirely around that

  5. lol says:
  6. Dude says:
  7. jamieriddles says:


  8. @woah You are right, I meant to say 60Hz, sorry! I updated the post. Thanks for the catch.

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