Trash heap projector

Being hackers, sometimes we just want to hack something together, not engineer it. This projector is a great example. Made mostly out of cardboard and duct tape (or duck tape if you prefer). He picked up a 12v LED array, a cheap fresnel lens, an LCD from a “back up monitor” and a focusing lens taken from a magnifying glass. Sure, we’ve seen better, much better. But seeing an evenings worth of feverish wire twisting and taping is always pleasant. It may look pretty dim in the video, it may be as well, but keep in mind that it is common for them to appear much brighter in person or if shot with a night setting on a digital camera.


  1. walt says:


  2. crkhtlr says:

    It may be dim, but this is really the ‘bottom barrel’ projector you could build. One should be able to easily upgrade some of the components and get some performance boosts. A++ for ingenuity and cost-effectiveness though.

  3. Pouncer says:


  4. strider_mt2k says:

    BooBerry cereal…BOOOOO!


  5. Paul Potter says:

    Very impressive.

  6. Amos says:

    Mockingbirds, BOOOOO! (Radley)

  7. fartface says:

    Oh man why do people keep using the abomination that is instructables?

  8. jeditalian says:


  9. jim says:

    Really impressive. Needs an LED driver to be able to call it a finished project, though…and maybe a bunch more tape and cardboard.

  10. fruehrentner says:

    Have I missed something? Is instructables the new cool thing to hate? …. Hmm should I have my own opinion … nah! Just keep on hating with the pack! BOOOOO!!! err… WHATEVER’S WORTH BEING BOED AT!!!

  11. Dude says:

    First I thought this was really crap when I saw the bad picture quality.
    But, while I wouldn’t call it impressive, it’s pretty cool, and definitely a nice hack.

  12. Fwirt says:

    Rick Steves FTW!

  13. x_25 says:

    I made something similar back in 2007 using CFLS bulbs, a PS-One screen, RPTV lens and some knex. You can see it here.

    If anyone is intersted I still have it and can take some more pictures of it.

  14. D- says:

    Trolls need to eat too

    Looks as the projector works pretty well considering what it is.

  15. Laminar says:

    So Instructables is the new Arduino?

  16. willy says:

    where are the links to the actual image of what it produces?

  17. M4RK says:

    lol, when I saw the title first, I implied something that ‘projects trash’.

  18. strider_mt2k says:

    Did you say “Boo” or “Boo-urns”?

  19. Frogz says:

    I was saying boo-urns….
    I’ve been using instructables for years and until hackaday gives us a forum and a wiki or other place to post, I will post PROJECTS to instructables

  20. fufufu says:

    i’ve made the cheapest projektor and mulitouch screen possibe. total cost: 50$ :D

  21. hellbringercid says:

    fufufu that thing is epic, you should send it in for hack a day and show how you made it!

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