Nerf sentry turret

With exams behind him [Adam Greig] had time to make a Nerf sentry gun. It’s actually quite easy to pull everything together. He’s got a netbook running Motion, an open source motion sensing program for use with a webcam. When movement is detected an Arduino, connected via a USB cable, actuates a servo to pull the trigger of the gun. The turret itself has seen a battery upgrade that increases the firing speed. It’s fun to see hardware prototyping done with a few pencils and a fist full of cable ties. Check it out after the break.

This particular toy, the Nerf N-Strike Vulcan, has become quite a popular starting point for turrent projects. We’ve seen one that uses a motorized base, and another that was part of a final project at Cornell.


  1. victor says:

    kind of like the [b]turrent[/b] i made

  2. Mikey says:

    This “Motion” library must not be very good — or else not hooked up right, cause in that first video, it’s shooting at a stationary door.

    Also… can it not aim? Why does it sound like a portal gun? Those guns could aim!

  3. nebulous says:

    @ Mikey
    You did not notice him pressing a button? Obviously a test.

    And it doesn’t look like it can aim, no. Always leave room for upgrades, I say.

  4. Mr_Bishop says:

    Awesomeness, now just make it a paintball gun with a hella big tank, and give it the ability to rotate in 2D (updown/leftright). nice start and I love the voice.

  5. Jeff says:

    That’s cool I guess but this one is by far the most advanced.

  6. itwork4me says:

    perhpas you may want to look into this older link

    this plus motion detection perhaps would be
    much more useful for hitting a living target, don’t you think?

  7. HARaaM says:

    The motor is from


  8. Osgeld says:

    wth are you talking about, theres no captcha here, nor on the website of the op, nor on the allelectronics site

  9. Anonymous says:

    Now all we need is a Nerf sapper for your Nerf sentry.

  10. gm says:

    Why use a servo to pull the trigger? The Vulcan is electrically fired – just tape the trigger down and turn on and off the power.

  11. Jimmy Dickshins says:

    Nice… but for future reference, unless you’re speaking entirely to 13 year old HL players (or Tribes back in the day) “turret” doesn’t have an ‘N’ in it.

  12. hoshi143 says:

    absolutely amazing. now where is the teleporter? need an dispenser here.

  13. Fili says:

    Only one barrel? This must be a lvl 1 turret. He needs to add another one and a nerf rocket launcher. Lvl 3 for teh win!
    Ok, who’s making the teleporter?

  14. Nerf Lover says:

    I’ve reviewed many Nerf guns before but this modified turret is just awesome, ive never seen one like that before! Keep up the good work, try to modify a nerf sniper rifle too! Thats my favorite gun, it would be awesome.

  15. Sam43 says:

    That reminds me of the

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