Update: Atari pause button

The Atari 2600 pause circuit is now available in a kit form. We saw this pause method back in February and the kit uses the same circuit. We don’t really need a kit for this, the board is very simple to throw together. But we do appreciate the detailed installation instructions (PDF) that accompany it. After all, you don’t want to kill you classic gaming rig with a botched install.

[Thanks CPUWIZ]


  1. nubie says:

    you = your

  2. Mr_Bishop says:

    Because we all still kick it old school using a real Atari instead of a Atari Emulator?

    coming from a Atari 2600 owner.

  3. kirov says:

    What is the point of this! Who still actually uses ataris and not emulators?

  4. Jero32 says:

    Kirov: alot of people actually like playing their atari. There’s a whole site of people who do: Atariage.

  5. alp says:

    coming from a Atari 2600 owner.

  6. Spork says:

    @Mr_Bishop, I believe you mean “an Atari”, both times.
    @kirov, read Mr_Bishop’s reply. Many of us still have an Atari laying around.

  7. strider_mt2k says:


  8. Smoker_Dave says:

    Just dug into this device a little, I think the designer could do with going back to college for a lesson in logic.

    It is possible to create this using only the 74LS00 and one 10k pull up resistor.

  9. yuppicide says:

    There’s a pause mod for the Colecovision also.

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