Project Apex, Apad mod

[Carnivore] tried to break as many (unofficial) records as possible when he modified his Apad/M002 into what he calls Project Apex. Record number 1: [Derek] claims this is the first Apad mod, ever. Record number 2: 8500mAh battery, giving the device a 12 hour life which is longer than any other Android slate. Record number 3: beautiful factory-looking finish. Okay, so that last one isn’t really a record, but we thought Project Apex deserved it anyway. There are a few other modifications done to the device as well; click the link or catch a video of him showing off the slate after the jump.

[Thanks Derek Hughes]


  1. chrelad says:

    Awesome ergonomics! Thanks for the video :D

  2. sM10sM20 says:

    I’m sorry but with an intro like that you have to follow it up with something a little more exciting, the monotone voice really didn’t help.

    The whole world records thing is kinda overkill also, not necessary to be mentioned, and just kinda silly.

    I honestly think the project is great, but the presentations could have been better.

  3. Haku says:

    And the Most Pointless Overly Long YouTube Intro goes to…

    So he made a new back for a tablet which contains a large capacity battery pack, can we see it powered on please?

    Don’t get me wrong, increasing battery capacity is a good thing when done right, if my mobile phone had a terrible battery life, it only needs charging once a week (it’s an old battery, brand new it needed charging once every two weeks), I’d think about ‘upgrading’ it to use two 18650 cells to get a stupidly long run time.

  4. Aleks Clark says:

    since when is obvious masses of bondo counted a “beautiful factory-like finish”? I think I could get something more professional looking using playdough…

  5. ??? says:


  6. Sam says:
  7. ??? says:


    it’s the same guy genius….

  8. jakdedert says:

    I agree. Six+ minutes of my life, that–had I paid strict attention to this vid (which I didn’t)–I would have felt pretty wasted…especially the first one.

    Nice mod, though.

  9. wdfowty says:

    That vid was a waste, he never even turned the thing on.

  10. dfuasdfnse says:

    Just because the device didn’t have porn displaying on the screen and it wasn’t running WoW in the background you guys feel the need to mock a great mod. I feel incredibly sorry for you bunch of pathetic losers…go hang yourselves.

  11. Icarian says:

    Maybe it doesn’t turn on…

  12. sM10sM20 says:


    That’s a bit extreme don’t you think?

  13. xdr says:

    This guy sure praises himself! But does the thing even work? He just shows it’s design and tells how smart he is….

  14. Arse says:

    Ive been waiting 6 minutes for you to turn this thing on… thanks

  15. Arse says:

    This will make it all better

  16. PWRX says:

    As others have said, a bunch of bondo. Could have at least painted it.

    Also would be nice to see it turn on.

    Not impressed at all.

  17. theflyingsquirrel says:

    Any details on how you did it?
    I would like to mod one myself.
    Do you need to add a voltage regulator to it?
    Or you just connected the 2 wires?

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