Marvelous Magnetic Machines

[HP Friedrichs] wrote in to tell us about an upcoming book titled Marvelous Magnetic Machines. Ordinarily, we skip over promotional hype. After watching his promo video though, we couldn’t help but share. We want a copy of this book. In this book you’ll find details on how to build a number of different motors from scrap. You can see several variations in the promo video. He also notes that the music was created by himself and some friends a few years ago. If [H.P. Friedrichs] sounds familiar, it is because he’s been sending us fantastic projects since at least 2006.


  1. okay says:

    Cool machines, crappy promo vid.

  2. elkolord says:

    true, most annoying music ever.

    Machines look cool thought. Would like to see some construction papers

  3. darkore says:

    “win” doesn’t even begin to describe this.

  4. David S says:

    It’s sort of funny that he’d make such wonderfully machined motors and leave red and black banana plugs on them.

  5. Per Jensen says:

    Too bad he ruined the video with that hideous music!!!

  6. zool says:

    lol music sounds like some bad garage band

  7. Hitek146 says:

    Actually, not too bad lead guitar, and very nice motor fabrication…

  8. Nitori says:

    Nice machines though didn’t need the music but it’s nowhere near the worst I seen used in a video.

  9. SK says:

    love the rotory prop motor

  10. vonskippy says:

    Wasn’t that soundtrack music from the band formerly known as “Excessively Bad”?

  11. rootkit says:

    Since they wasted all there time learning real instruments, theres no way they r as good as you guys playing ur Guitar Hero game.

  12. Yeah why the hell do people insist on using guitar feedback as an attempt to make there video sound “extreme”. I couldn’t even watch this friggin video with the sound on because it was THAT annoying.


  13. mess_maker says:

    The motors were really cool. I do think he needs to learn how to balance his works of art. If these were large scale he would end up with a bunch of shattered machines.

    I agree that the prop was cool :)

  14. hunnter says:

    So where are the perpetual-motion machines? Can’t have marvellous magnets without PMMs.

  15. sharpk says:

    Are there any updates on this book?

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