That light switch is disgusting!

[Katrin Baumgarten] has fourteen switches that are made to gross you out. From a button that retreats into its hole as your finger approaches, to a mysterious goo-oozing faceplate, to a hairy housing that gets aroused as your try to flip it on, the intrigue is enough to get you to try out the next creepy node in the network. There’s a clip of several different switches after the break and if that’s not enough she’s got more on her Vimeo channel.


  1. amishx64 says:

    Funny as hell. I wouldn’t put one in my home tho.

  2. Arthur hall says:

    Ugh, did it have to be white goo? Couldn’t it of been green or blue or something?

  3. Tech B. says:

    I’d like to know what that ooz is. I’m not a chem person; ideas anyone?

  4. Doug says:

    Tartar sauce?

  5. andrew says:


  6. Bit Mage says:

    Didn’t you say there would be an embedded video at the end of this article?

  7. Jake says:

    HAHAHA, This is AWESOME!!!

  8. Wow, I’d want to wear gloves just to use some of these switches. Funny idea to focus on though!

  9. jjrh says:

    Power companies must love the idea of a gross light switch you don’t want to turn off.

  10. yuppicide says:

    I looked through the videos, but only found 3 switches.. the rest were duplicates of the same.. hair, white goo, and one that moves back.

  11. John says:

    The truly disgusting thing is that when an artist does some freshman electronics assembly and writes a bunch of BS about “interaction”, it ends up on hackaday.

  12. Trukkle says:

    As mentioned by yuppicide, only three switches videoed despite them being labelled 1-6

    Shame the artist didn’t hide or camouflage the IR rangers and holes. I fully expect that they’d claim it’s because anticipation is a large part of disgust, and seeing something unusual on a switch causes you to distrust it, but some on, have some pride in your work.

  13. mjrippe says:

    Having created electronics for other people’s art installations, I would say this is pretty good work if she did it herself. Often artists are too preoccupied with concepts and don’t pay as much attention to the [technical] execution. I have seen some pretty poor “hacks” when it comes to artists building their own structures/mechanisms/etc. and I thought this project was pretty neat and well done. I would have liked more “hair” on the hairy switch though ;-)

  14. this is great :)

  15. Mikey says:

    Kind of dumb… it looks like there is a sensor on each switch, in a real installation, it would stand out like a sore thumb.

  16. NatureTM says:

    Very entertaining!

  17. sigtermer says:

    that hairy switch is probably one of the most disturbing piece of electronics I’ve come across on this site. it’s even surpasses the condom tester..

  18. Gordo says:

    hahahaha, the hairy one was… hahahaha

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