Rapid furniture prototyping

SketchChair is a piece of software that takes the engineer out of engineering furniture. In a child’s-dream-come-true you draw the outlines you’d like to have, add some legs, and the software pops out a design ready to be laser-cut. The finishing touch of adding palm fiber and felt produces what we imagine is a moderately comfortable place to sit. Now the hard part will be convincing your spouse that you should spend the money building an industrial grade laser cutter because of all the money you’ll save on furniture.

We’re still holding out for furniture that is 3d-printed from rock to match our Flintstone’s motif.

Oh, and as always, video after the break.

[via Buildlog]


  1. Drake says:

    Yet another reason to finish my 2.5d milling machine

  2. Marco says:

    That’s one ugly UI, but the physics simulation is a really nice feature.

  3. addictronics says:

    Omg why is lisp spelled/pronounced lisp….
    so cruel.

  4. Infernus says:

    That will go good with my five axis milimg machine
    (rotating the cutting head ftw)

  5. Reaper says:

    C’mon linux x64 version, hurry up and appear. This looks like it would be so much fun to mess around with.

  6. flapjackboy says:

    Wonder if the guy talking in the video has a friend in a wheelchair called Andy…

    I want that one! *points*

  7. Rockrat says:

    Check out Ponoko.com. You can upload your design, they can laser cut the item for you, and ship it as well as sell it to others. They were featured in Inc. Magazine and it looked pretty cool. Don’t know the cost of them though.

  8. spyder_21 says:

    chairs look uncomfortable. But I love the software and simulation.

  9. furniture says:

    good articles…and keep posting

  10. And with the software it´s only possible to create chairs??

  11. No matter what your father tell you, quality is something you can’t fake.

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