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Home claw game delights the little ones

After seeing Toy Story [Will Gorman's] son wanted to play the Crane Game. Rather than hanging out in the lobby of the pizza parlor, [Will] built one at home using Lego. The skill crane as he calls it has a large gantry to travel over the top of the treasure box. The claw can move side to side on the gantry, dropping for a chance at some loot once it’s in the right place. See a successful run in the video after the break and if you can’t help yourself, there’s build instructions that will have you up and running in no time.┬áBut you don’t have to build it out of Lego, sometimes you just need some junk to pull one of these together.


  1. dan says:

    There’s a claw machine in some bar in LA where you try to pick live lobsters out of a saltwater tank. If you manage to grab one, they cook it up for you. Talk about playing with your food…

  2. Glen says:

    ooooh, he has been chosen…..

  3. Hirudinea says:

    This will save me THOUSANDS in quarters!

  4. sarsface says:

    The claw should automatically move to the prize box and release after the pickup sequence. Other than that, awesome job.

  5. grenadier says:

    I hate claw games.

  6. zacdee316 says:

    In commercial claw games, you can set the pressure used on the hook to make the game more difficult or more easy for the user. Wouldn’t be a bad idea for this to be added so the kid can get some practice.

    Overall though, great job.

  7. Spork says:

    That’s cool. I really want to mill an aluminum frame and build the real deal though. I already have a couple of coin validators, just need to put something shiny in there….

  8. MS3FGX says:

    That kid has a lot of self control not to just reach in there and move the things around to get a better grip.

    Like a previous poster said, the only thing missing here is having it return to the start position and open the claw after it grabs something. Though I can see how that would be difficult with the current build, as I don’t see any way for the software to see the coordinates of the claw or determine when/if it is hitting the limits of travel.

  9. Joe Bonasses says:

    YES! Indoctrinate the children. There is little time left. The government should give out Legos at birth. Death to the MBA’s !!!!!!

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