Hexapod controlled by Android and iPhone

This video is a blatant example of having too many high-end toys but we love it anyway. [Robert Stephenson] is controlling a rather awesome-looking hexapod via a Bluetooth connection to his HTC Hero. The app allows on-screen selections to decide which portion of the robot will move as a result of accelerometer data from the handheld. The only thing we saw that was missing is a camera feed to the phone.

But this hack doesn’t stop there. The Hero can be used to host a WiFi network while still connected to the hexapod. The second half of the video shows an iPod Touch connecting via WiFi and controlling the bot. Now head on over to the laser cutter to start that hexapod build, and finish up by getting elbow-deep into some Android development.

10 thoughts on “Hexapod controlled by Android and iPhone

  1. “This video contains content from UMG. It is restricted from playback on certain sites.”

    Fuck you, music Nazis. Die in a fire. Soon, preferably.

  2. I would have stopped watching this video out of boredom if it wasn’t for the amazing acoustic version of Enter Sandman. That had to be the most bad ass version of it ever done on orchestra instruments.

  3. @Arten
    That’s not Enter Sandman, it’s One. I thought that it may be Apocalyptica playing it, but I can’t confirm right now.

  4. Title: One
    Artist: Apocalyptica
    Album: Inquisition Symphony
    Genre: Rock/Pop
    Label: Polygram


    The video was interesting, but… It isnt anything that we have not already seen.

    Have to admit that the motion of the Hexapod is very smooth.

    Nicely done!

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