Macro lens for a Nexus One

[Thomas] tipped us off about a macro lens attachment for his Nexus One. As you’d expect, adding the lens helps the phone’s camera bring tiny details into focus. He re-purposed a lens from a pair of mini binoculars, using epoxy putty to make a mounting bracket. Now the last time we saw this putty used with a phone it was for a snap-in bracket that cradled the phone and included a lens adapter. Rather than go that route [Thomas] made use of the headphone jack just above the camera lens. An old headphone plug has been epoxied to the macro lens ring, holding it in place securely while remaining easily removable.

14 thoughts on “Macro lens for a Nexus One

  1. using the headphone jack to hold it there is a good idea, and his photos look cool but the lens seems to be off-center and you can see a black partial ring around the edge of the pics

  2. @zool I think having the phone focus on something that close is kinda what macro photos are about for a phone, it is not supposed to be super magnifying. But I agree that the placement is quite bad as indeed you can see the black ring on the left side.

  3. It’s odd that the phone manufacturers didn’t start putting some sprocket of sorts on phones near the lens yet to add such attachments.

  4. you can get this with a lens from a dvd laser (the one that moves up and down). this was taken with 2mp cell camera and those pads are for 0603 and the wires are 32 gauge

  5. Nice hack idea, but it seems that the “macro” capability just shifts the FOV closer to the camera and actually makes it smaller. Not exactly what I’d want from my camera, but if you *really* need your phone to photograph ram, then I guess it’s great.

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