Automated entry for a garden gate

[Dan McGrath] tipped us off about a solution for a problem that most people don’t have. He built a web-based entry system for his garden gate. This isn’t quite as original as that chain and sprocket dorm room system, but it does use a keypad for entry. [Dan’s] already got a web server and home automation box that is always running. He coded a webpage that presents a virtual keypad for code entry. If the right code is input the system unlocks the electronic strike on the other side of this gate. Since the interface is a web page you can load if from any web browser (an iPhone is used for demonstration purposes after the break). But if you don’t have internet access you’re in trouble; there’s no physical keypad. But we guess you could always just jump the fence. 

14 thoughts on “Automated entry for a garden gate

  1. It’s still at cool hack, but have been there and done it… Trust me people, you get REALLY annoyed by using your phone / computer constantly!
    Even my RFID cards are pretty anoying, consider changing to biometrics

  2. Nice hack, you have a lot of cables and devices around :D
    As suggestion: detect the mac address of your iphone and the gate unlocks the door.
    I use a system where i set policies, currently i have gas alert, and to turn TV power on and off when presence is detected and when presence is not detect for a specified number of minutes.

    You have a lot of code around, you can take a look at this: (open source)

    Salvador Faria

  3. I’m glad to see people are finally taking the threat of crawling baby zombies seriously and are building the necessary 2ft tall fences for their own protection.

  4. did anyone care to read the website?
    Look what the guy said:

    …”Purely for the fun of it,”…
    of course one can jump over, force, break it, set it on fire, whatever… but it was made, just for the kicks :|

  5. @Drake, oh noes! A 7 foot tall jump? Noone has ever dared to try climbing down such a dauntingly high wall. Its ludicrous to think that one can lower themselves gently from such death-defying heights. Only trained professionals like the navy seals or green berets could ever hope to scale such a fence and live!


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